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Batu Caves

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A beautiful and impressive cave: Batu Caves A beautiful and impressive cave: Batu Caves
I choose Batu Caves for the second day of the trip in Malaysia. The Batu Cave is situated in the north of the capital city, Kuala Lumpur.  

The Batu Cave attracts a number of worshippers and tourists to visit. Moreover, it is easy to access there by train. You can see the good views along the way while sitting on the train. The train ticket is only 20 Baht. This affordable price is worth to pay off.  Moreover, you can escape the main city by travelling to Batu Caves in an hour because Batu Cave are located only 14 Kilometers from the downtown.

A beautiful and impressive cave: Batu Caves

Batu Caves is very popular attraction on Malaysia. There are amount of tourists around the world visit this cave all the yearlong. Batu Caves is one of my wish list. The Batu Caves is famous among the travel guide books and websites. The caves are huge and a monumental focal point of the Hindu site. Each cave is linked to each other by the path around 400 meters. The Batu Caves is the important Hindu place because generally the Batu Caves is the center of Hindu ceremony. In addition, you can see the big statue of Lord Murugan, the Hindu God of War at the entrance way. This statue, measuring 42 meters in height, is claimed as the biggest Lord Murugan Statue in the world.

A beautiful and impressive cave: Batu Caves

Apart from the caves, you can climb the 272 stairs which leading up to the temple cave. You can see the panoramic view of the town and lush scenery from the station. According to this town do not has the high buildings, we can snap a good shot and have fun with photo shooting. We love to take a photo from this point of view. The high scenery inside the old caves offers natural beauty that we cannot find something else to replace it.   The landmark is delightful as same as the festinated painting. The temple is decorated by orange lamps. The elegant heaven statues are in front of the caves surrounded by the dedicated Hindu Statues. Tourists can pay respect to all of them and make a wish as your desire. All of statues are set beyond the ground. To pay the high respect, local people believe that the stand point between God and us should be different.

A beautiful and impressive cave: Batu Caves

Batu Caves provide serene and tranquil environment which is suitable for chilling and relaxing.  In the afternoon, you can experience the strong wind against your face with a breathtaking view. Alternatively, you can walk around to sightseeing the elegant statues. Batu Caves is one of the final destination for tourists who want to experience the natural and religious in the same time.

I highly recommend to the travelers to visit Batu Caves when you plan to visit Malaysia. You can see the giant statue of Lord Thendayuthapani in the front of the cave which is the signature of Batu Caves. In addition, Batu Caves not only offer the beautiful landmark but also the holy temple of Hindu community. Batu Caves is an impressive place where is a part of the most cherished historical religious.