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The U Bein Bridge

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Myanmar is one of the countries which are in the ASEAN group and have a very beautiful architecture. This will take you to know the longest teak bridge in the world of Burma. It is U Beng  bridge.

After that go to various places from the city of Mandalay. Another point that must be provided is at his bridge city beng Amon Pura. I ride with a distance of 12 km from Mandalay view point to come here when they arrived at the entrance  U  Beng  bridge. I want to walk again through the years, kilo, second market in front of the mouth, which are signposted along the way that in front of a teak U Beng bridge.

The strange eyes that see  U Beng bridge for the first time. From where they are told that it is the longest teak bridge in the world, with a length of up to 2 km to Amon Pura  cross-Tong Ta Man Lake directed towards another address Cho Tor Ji pagoda: one side of the Lake, which is the source of this teak wood bridge, the lanes, the nobleman Lord prot display called "U beng" is located in bridge construction control people by demolishing the old palace from  Ang Wa   the teak of the number 1,208 tree.

Pont U-Bein - Amarapura

The tourists who visit the city Mandalay, most are coming together here that. Maha kanda Yong temple, U beng  bridge, which is at the foot of a U beng bridge. A painter of the area and drawing my own portfolio in an affordable price. Best evening will see a foreign sunset boat trip on the Lake, which is the area surrounding the U Beng  bridge, has his drink at the Lake side living, rattan chairs, a customer can get the wind and enjoy. Deep-fried seafood with Lake sales.

Pont U-Bein - Amarapura

Walked too far to see Maha Kanda Yong  temple. Which is located on the  Tong Ta Man Lake . Near the U Beng  bridge is Buddhist College, which is a place of study and treatment of the monastery to the largest and most of Myanmar,Europe, America etc. to be ordained. And make a lot of Myanmar to send their children to study Buddhism here. I don't think with the faith of the villagers and the people

Pont U-Bein - Amarapura

The atmosphere around the U Beng  bridge. Which is the bridge for a charming mesmerizing natural greatly at the  Mandalay city . It is very popular among foreign tourists on foot, visit the beautiful atmosphere. Just don't miss out on the visit U Beng Bridge  somewhere this guarantee will not be disappointed. If you come at sunset. Look from the bridge will be impressed a never forget ever .In addition to a tourist attraction. This teak bridge and the history of Myanmar.

If you have time, you need to see the bridge  U  beng  in Myanmar I guarantee that you will see that it is beautiful. It is an impressive of tourists.

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