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Angkor Ta Prom

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Angkor Ta Prom Angkor Ta Prom
The reason that why I have to come from the far away to Angkor Ta Prom that because of Jolie who is the actress in the Tomb Rider Movie which in this movie that she is so brilliantly than other women in the world. 

And all of the most screens in this movie are from this place Angkor Ta Prom. From this reason that let many of tourist who have seen this movie would like to visit to see the real place which it’s not just in the movie but can touch it and of course me too.

After I have been seen the sun rise at Angkor Wat already that make me would like to see the other place of sun rise at SraSrong too which it’s about opposite of the Angkor Ta Prom. At here is the other one place that has the sun rise vey beauty full as well. And because of the beautiful of the tree root that growth over the palace that makes it’s not easy to broken too. Then these things is the miracle of this place and make many of tourist who love in the beautiful of nature and the wonder things which cannot find from the other place. But have to come here to see the beautifulness of Angkor Ta Prom.

 As because of the strangeness of nature which cannot build by human. The tree roots from dirt whichiscovering the Angkor Ta Prom that makes the climate all around Angkor Ta Prom so claim and quiet and sometime feel scary too. Even now it’s in the big maintenance period of Angkor Ta Prom which could make tourist  feel like are not  happy to come here but the overall of Angkor Ta Prom area still be amazing which I think all tourist still be happy as me as well.

And because after Angkor Ta Prom have been used for screen in many of the Hollywood movies that make many of ancient arts and structures of palace that havebeen broken which could make the new face of tourist that cannot see any the wonder full art of Angkor Ta Prom but will see only the broken structure and bricks and just the tree roots instead.

For my opinion if anyone would like to take the photo for all around the palace that will need to spend about half a day and if it’s spot that very nice such as the big root then will need to queue for long time. SoI would suggest that to come here about after sunrise because will do not have much people around the palace about this time. And you and spend more time on each spot of the palace.

At Angkor Ta Prom that the Cambodia government will keep those big trees which growth over the palace and need to keep it as the land mark of Angkor Ta Prom because it will be the most attractive to the tourist.

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