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Baguio city of Philippines

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The Philippines is known as a tourist city. Which has many cities in Philippine including Baguio City,  has seen the importance of tourism is a tourism place. 

Such as farming stairs The gift shop or gift shop, and this also. People in this city is still friendly with tourists.

One of the city's tourist attractions of the Philippines is  the Baguio city of  Philippines. A summer attractions of interest. If you are looking for a city coordinates for relaxation. Then, let's take a look at the Baguio city. This is something interesting?

1. The rural city of tourism and recreation.

Baguio City Easily accessible from Manila, Takes approximately 7-9 hours only, it will come to this city. Which said that there are a lot of foreigners who come to rest in this city and you can be exposed to a lot of interesting nature.

Baguio Philippines

2. Beautiful morning mist

On the morning of the Baguio City. Fog caused by the town is surrounded by mountains.

It makes you feel better and more refreshing. Especially those who are people like taking pictures. I must tell you that you will be impressed with images that absolutely.

Like, for example, that the author had the impression when visiting this city.

Baguio Philippines

3. Rice terraces.

Farming the stairs, the image is one of the city's beautiful Baguio city.  You may be familiar with this image if you are traveling to the North of the country, Thai and, of course, that this  Rice terraces.

Regarded as one of the beautiful pictures you should come to this city with a beautiful nature.

4. local products

At night the Baguio city.  You can come out to walk along the alley, so watch the lifestyle of the people in the area and buy the item or souvenir from the city. Moreover, the native cuisine in hotel rates, you will be impressed in taste, certainly.

5. fresh air with mountain

Baguio City is surrounded by high mountains and lush forests. Makes sense to fresh air in every moment.  If you live in this town, and if you like taking pictures of nature. Here is especially suitable to convey the beauty and freshness of green leaves many.

6. friendly people

One thing that the author had the impression very much. When arriving at the Baguio City is  to meet the friendship of the people, with for tourists to make that author the feeling that come to visit the Philippines is safety and travel very for everyone.

Baguio Philippines

However for the city of Baguio. If you are a person who loves the story of looking for family attractions or to enjoy the lifestyle of the local people of interest in this country. Need to find an opportunity to visit this city, staying at least one night,  before travelling to other places to continue.

If you have not ever go to Baguio City. You need to find opportunities to give. Because if you have to, then I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed of course.

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