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Borneo Adventure: Kinabalu Mountain

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Borneo Adventure : Kinabalu Mountain Borneo Adventure : Kinabalu Mountain
Malaysia in the truly destination for tourists who love to be close to the nature, especially in the state of Sabah. Sabah is the popular city that draw attention from international travelers. 

Sabah offers various attractions to the visitors. Interestingly, there are natural national parks such as Lok Kawi Wildlife Park and Kinabalu Park.  The visitors can see the wild life: for example; orang utan, proboscis monkey, Asian elephant, rhino, hornbill birds, tiger, and so on. Moreover, the national park also provide several adventurous activities, for instance, camping, trekking, climbing, hiking and rafting. You will able to visit here and explore the all in one adventurous activities in long holidays.

According to, I plan to challenge myself for this trip, I make a decision to fly to Malaysia. My ultimate goal for this trip is to achieve the top of Kinabalu Mountain which is 4095.2 meter heights above sea level. Kinabalu Mountain is a prominent mountain that located in state of Sabah, East Malaysia.  Furthermore, Kota Kinabalu is the small town which is the capital city of Sabah state. You can access the Kinabalu Mountain by spending a night at this city. Moreover, you can walk around this city as a one day trip due to its small size. After packing all necessary belongings, I head to Kinabalu Mountain immediately. I take a taxi from the central in the city to the hill which is around an hour. The taxi fee is 20 RM per person. Taxi driver need to wait passengers up to 5 people for leaving. 

Borneo Adventure: Kinabalu Mountain

Before climbing to the top of the mountain, you need to register and receive the tag name. You can book it in advance via the internet. However, you need to leave unnecessary belongings at the register point. The officer will recommend local guide to your group to lead the way to the top of Kinabalu Mountain. Moreover, you do not need to concern your meal. The local guide will give you a lunch box after the registration.  You are able to climb to Kinabalu Mountain in 2 ways which is Timpohon gate and Mesilau natural resort. I feel excited all the time. There are milestones that measure the distance along the way. I make a decision to take some rest when I hike up to 6 Kilometers. I spend a night to fill up my energy at Laban Rata Guest house.

Borneo Adventure: Kinabalu Mountain

To reach the summit for seeing the most spectacular sunrises, you need to get up in the early morning, 2 AM. Then, you need to walk around 2.5 Kilometers to achieve the top at Low’s peak. However, things that you should never forget to bring are hand gloves and flashlight. According to you need to leave hotel in the early morning,

Flashlight is necessary to lead your way.  And the hand gloves are a must item for climbing.

At the summit point, if you are lucky to have a clear blue sky, you will experience the stunning view from the top. I feel cold and tried but he view is certainly worth to hike up.