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Breathtaking scenery in Cameron Highlands

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Breathtaking scenery in Cameron Highlands Breathtaking scenery in Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands is the popular agricultural tourist spot which is certainty suitable for ecotourism. The ecotourism truly fit for all family members, especially the natural lovers. 

According to the growth of the big city, we are hardly close to the nature. That is why Cameron Highlands is one of the best destination to escape the heat in the city. Cameron Highlands is a world class landmark where serves a wide range of plant and animal species.  Geographically, Cameron Highlands is surrounded by amount of mountains which you can feel the forest breeze among the valleys.

Breathtaking scenery in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is located in the northwestern tip of Pahang Darul Makmur District. It was discovered by

Sir William Cameron who is British people.  He is the first person that found this highland, so this landscape is named as Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands are discovered since 1885. Highland is generally speaking as a mountainous region or elevated mountainous plateau.

Breathtaking scenery in Cameron Highlands

To access Cameron Highlands, you can take a bus service, taxi or shuttle Mini Van which they operate daily from Kuala Lumpur. Alternatively, you can reach Cameron Highlands by renting a car by making your own road trip with your family. It will take 2-3 hours from the big city to Cameron Highlands.  However, if you plan to drive to there by yourself, you need to extra careful. The road is full of trucks and buses. Moreover, there are some narrow and sharped turns to aware of.

Cameron Highlands is named as the Ozone producer for Malaysia. Cameron Highlands provide air cool fresh all the yearlong for the visitors. Moreover, there are full facilities to service you and your family, for example, resorts and spas, hotels, restaurants, small shops. All of the facilities are constructed and operated by friendly environment concept.  The local people are conservative and try to protect their natural beauty of Cameron Highlands.

Breathtaking scenery in Cameron Highlands

The Ecotourism in Cameron Highlands is getting more and more popular among tourists.  The cool temperature in Cameron Highlands makes it a highlight for harvesting the strawberry and tea. A fresh strawberry, tea and other agricultural products are normally cultivated in Cameron Highlands for selling in both domestic and international market. These agricultural products are main products for export. Moreover, I have an opportunity to visit “Big Red Strawberry Farm” in Brinchang which is the famous farm in Cameron Highlands. I have a wonderful time there. I have a change to choose and pick fresh strawberry directly from the farm. The experience is delightful and thrilling. Furthermore, I also visit Lavender Garden where the various flowers are blooming fullest. You cannot miss to take a nice shot there, especially in Grey Farm. Moreover, you can have fun with photo booth that the farm provides to you. In addition, Jim Tomson House is also the nice choice to visit. The Jim Tomson house is decorated with white tone.  The house is currently opened for serving tourists as hotel.

It is one of my memorable trips. Not only I can experience the ecotourism in Malaysia but also I am able close nature.  In addition, it is easy to access Cameron Highlands by airplane and car.

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