Thursday, 02 April 2015 21:53

Discovered at Brunei Museum

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Brunei museum is the place for studying and learning the Brunei historical. Inside the museum consists on different zones like gallery which has the pictures of Brunei history. 

You will see the pictures that tell the story of Brunei in both cultural and commercial. Another zone is ancient objects and valuable from Muslim all around the world. This include smallest Al-Quran bible of the world. You will find a lot of things in this Brunei museum. This is one of the travelling places that have tourists from around the world come and visit.

Only standing in front of the entrance of Brunei Museum you will feel the embellishment. I had visit Brunei in many places which I had not ever seen small places or things. Most of the travelling places here are huge and embellishment. Same as the Brunei museum, I believe this place also huge and have many stories for me to learn. I really wanted to know how this country can discover oil and gas that cause this country become the rich country.

There is free for entering Brunei museum, you do not need to buy a ticket. However, you just only visit and walk around, but you cannot take the photo of this place. All the nice things and history can only be kept in your memories. Before entering to inside the Brunei museum, there will be locker for everyone to keep their belonging. You can walk freely and no need to carry anything while walking. When you walk in, you will find the zoning of this museum, or in room. There are 6 areas or zone of exhibition. The most attractive zone is Islamic Arts Gallery, which has the collection of ancient properties that belong to Sultanates from all Muslim country around the world. I saw the smallest Al-Quran bible in the world also.

Brunei museum also has the jewelry that made from the ancient gold, there are the model of Brunei cultures include people was born, wedding culture and other cultures. One room that I and other tourists have to come is the room that tell the story of Brunei when they discovered the huge resources of oil and gas in their country. And this is changing this country to a richest country in the world. You will also see the model of oil and gas producing, the rig and platform in the beginning. Apart from oil and gas, you will see the room showing the wild animal which hardly to see in the present at Borneo Island e.g. the proboscis monkey, the long nose monkey.

After looked at the history of oil and gas, animal, I had looked at the Islamic art gallery that showing the story of Brunei about their culture and commercial in the past. Ancient object zone where has shown a lot of valuable object from Muslim countries around the world together with the smallest Al-Quran bible. Golden jewelry that made from ancient gold and models that showing the Brunei cultures since the past. I thought this is the nice place for many tourists to come and visit.

There are also souvenir shops at this Brunei museum, selling the gift and souvenir in the cheap price. I spent my time around 2 hours in this Brunei museum and exit to the front area for taking some photo before leaving.