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Dreamland Langkawi Island

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Experience your Dreamland : Langkawi Island Experience your Dreamland : Langkawi Island
It is time to pack, set and go for long holidays. Our family, who love traveling around, choose Lankawi Island as our final destination.  

We are heard about Lankawi Island for a long time, but we have not been there. This is the right time to visit there in a short trip for our weekend. We make a decision to travel with tour which the company schedule our trip for 2 days and a night. There are 4 travelers for this weekend trip. We choose to travel at the Friday night to go back to work by Monday. Everyone has a mutual agreement to escape our busy life to visit Lankawi Island where is wonderful island. This tropical island offers the beautiful beach to draw attention from international tourists.

Experience your Dreamland: Langkawi Island

When we arrive Kula Lumpur International Airport, our guide tour bring us to transit to Langkawi International airport directly. Our accommodation is great. We stay at Berjaya Langkawi resort, which is four stars resort.

The resort itself is amazing. You are able to experience the stunning natural views and close to the nature by meeting the sea and the rain forest. The resort is also delightful in the night. It is totally a relaxed resort for your holidays. Moreover, the resort serves free breakfast in the morning.

Experience your Dreamland: Langkawi Island

Lankawi is a small Island that situated in the Andaman Sea. It is far off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia. Lankawi is also a part of Kedah State. Langkawi Island has the long history. The local people believe in the tragic story of a young lady who is called Mahsuri. She placed a curse to island for seven generations. However, the best way to experience this island is renting a car and driving around island to explore the way of their lives.  Despite of the tourism, many of local people are actually fishermen and farmers. The island is still abundant and plenty of natural beauty. You can see the beautiful countryside and peaceful landscape on this heaven island.

Lankawi Island also has the original name which is called the reddish-brown eagle which is the meaningful name in Malay. Moreover, our guide tour bring us to the escarpment of Machincang Mountain. On the top of the mountain, you are able to experience the spectacular scenery. Furthermore, you can trekking and walking through the ancient rainforests to explore the mange grove which is nearby the focal point.

Experience your Dreamland: Langkawi Island

A must thing to do when you visit Langkawi Island is photo shooting with sculpture of an eagle at Eagle Square (Dataran Lang). It is the significant landmark that every tourist need to visit and should not miss. Langkawi Island offers the local legend which combination of cultural and natural attractions. It is a great idea to discover the outdoors. The real beauty of the clear blue sky and the sea is amazing. You might be scared of the height while taking the cable car to the top of hill. I am certainly that it is worth to be there when you see the panoramic views. In addition, the local people are conservative to preserve the nature and cultures for their descendants.