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Enjoy Dalat Walking Street Market

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Enjoy Dalat Walking Street Market Enjoy Dalat Walking Street Market
If we talk about walking street, we might think of our walking street at Pai, Chiangmai. The night market or walking street is normally a wonderful place for me. 

You can find the various stuffs in the market especially, the local hand made one. It is the place that you can find souvenirs. Moreover, you can chilling by walking around the market. In Vietnam, you can find the walking street at Dalat which you can have experience as same as our tourist spot in our home country.

After we check in at our hotel, we only have a night before heading to Bangkok.  I and my friend aim to spend a night by chilling at Dalat’s walking street. I think we might spend amount of money for buying stuffs back home. I am looking for good souvenirs from Dalat walking street. Moreover, we would love to see how is different of walking street between Thailand and Vietnam.

Enjoy Dalat Walking Street Market.

At the Dalat walking street, there are several shops which situated along the 2 sides of street. Some merchants use the mat to show their products on the ground. It is a colorful and lively market. It is nice combination between food and clothes market which is not only for local people but also for tourists. It is truly a night market as same as night bazar place in Thailand. You can go there for light food. This night market open daily. Dalat walking street is one of the tourist spot that draw attention from visitors around the world, especially in high season.

Enjoy Dalat Walking Street Market.

Mostly the products that sell in Dalat walking street are both new products and second hand products.  There are several second hand products such as handcraft things, hand-made hat, and hand-made bag and so on.  Dalat market also offers several of clothes and food for your preference. You might be a shopaholic person when you are at the Dalat walking street market. However, you need to be careful when you select the products and stuffs.

Some products are imported from Thailand. Thus, you have to consider things carefully before paying.  

Enjoy Dalat Walking Street Market.

Apart from the walking street, Dalat is well known as the quality coffee city. Most tourists always buy a ton of coffee as the souvenirs for their family and friends. Some tourists just buy few coffee bags for testing the taste.  They might afraid that the local coffee would offer the bad taste. However, most people buy a lot of coffee back to their hometown. It depends on the preference of each person.  Dalat is located in the Frigid Zone. As a result, Dalat is the main coffee producer. Apparently, Dalat is the second world coffee producer, following Brazil. If you want to buy something that is the signature of Dalat city, you should buy some coffees. There are many brands for your selection. By the way, the famous brand is G-Seven. I make a decision to buy coffees at this walking street which I hope the price is much cheaper than buy it in Ho Chi Min City.