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Enjoy shopping at Pub Street

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Pub street, Cambodia Pub street, Cambodia
There are many people who ever been travel to Siem Reap that will looking for something different after travel in the history place all day. 

That is to relax and walk by shopping something at the Seim Reap Walking Street or local people call it as Pub Street.  The Pub Street has been expanded and there are many shops about the edge of river and foot path. To walk along the Seim Reap night market the quite feel good and have a lot the traveler going out to walk much more than I thought.

Yes me too that has a chance to walk at the Pub Street too. I would thought that if any other traveler who walk all day from history place that will like the Pub Street because there are many massage shop which some shop have the short package such as only 15 minutes and it’s not much money to pay which you can release yourself from all day stress. But I’m not yet get into the massage shop yet as I would like to walk around the Pub Street first.  As in the Pub Street that have many of food shops along the foot road, some beer shop or cocktail with nice live music all along the way. But someone they don’t walk but just catch up TukTukintead.

At that day when I been at Pub Street, there are too many tourist which I have walk through them to find out the Cambodian’s food which it’s just about the easy menu. After that I have walk into and out from each shops tolooking for the souvenir, books or even the convenient shop. The decoration of each shop that look so cool which especially the pub or restaurant and most of them are serving wine and it’s not too expensive so I would thought who is the wine lover will like this place too.

And most of these restaurant or Karaoke Shop that most have adult customer more than teenager that because they are quite high price if compare with the shop at the Pub Street.  One thing for the Cambodia’s food shop that all travelers should know is they do not sale for ice but it’s FREE.  Yes it’s free then you will see the shop crews are always walking to serve the ice bucket all the time. That’s look so tried.

Just about to thinking that the Pub Street is not about much different than Khao San Street at Bangkok of Thailand as it’s started about evening until about the midnight.  And it’s about the only target of traveler who comes to Seim Reap and it’s about the shopping center of Cambodian and also included foreigner travelers too. They just come here to looking for the survivor   or just come for eat or drink in the Khmer’s night live style. For Cambodian that they will come to buy the shirt as large amount for sale in other market place again and other thing for life living. But for foreigners’ traveler are prefer to get into the massage shop at the walking street rather than here. And I’m very happy with this surrounding of tonight too.

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    Pub Street, Krong Siem Reap, Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • Coordinates: 13.354969, 103.854457
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