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Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

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Enjoy your life in the integrated resort at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore Enjoy your life in the integrated resort at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore
The Resorts World Sentosa of Singapore is one of the tourists’ targets because at the Resorts World Sentosa you will see the wonderful view around the resorts. 

The Resorts World Sentosa located in a small island which is the nice location of the hotel. Moreover the Resorts World Sentosa is the Island for the one who love fun and adventure because there are many places for all the adventurers. This includes the hotels, restaurants, casinos and also the Universal Studios of Singapore. You will have good experiences with lots of playthings and enjoy your favorite movies at the Universal Studios.

If you are the one who like the underwater world, you have to come to the Marine Life Park which is the largest aquarium of the world. You can see different types of fishes and sea animal from in this large aquarium. This mean only come to the Sentosa or stay at the Resorts World Sentosa, you can enjoy your life with a lots of activities.

Enjoy your life in the integrated resort at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

Where is the name Sentosa come from? 

Most of the people know Sentosa the Island of adventurers in Singapore. Most tourists like to come here because they can have lots of activities here. In the past this Island was the place of fishermen. After the epidemic most of the people in this Island had died so this Island was called Balakang Mati. The name Balakang Mati means the Island of death. But after the war world the United Kingdom together with Singapore had developed this Island to become the travelling place. Then the name of this Island had been changed to Sentosa. The meaning of Sentosa is calm and peace. 

Enjoy your life in the integrated resort at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

Travelling to the Sentosa Island with express train

One of the places that you should not miss when you come to Singapore is Sentosa Island. Some people said if you come to Singapore but you do not come to Sentosa Island mean you do not come to Singapore. You can travel to Sentosa Island by Sentosa Express train which takes only 4 minutes. You can buy the train ticket from Vivo City at 3rd floor. The ticket can be use both to and from Sentosa Island. Once you go to the ticket counter you will see the information centre of the Sentosa Island that you can take the brochure from there. There are lots of information about Sentosa Island given such as the travelling places and the map within Resorts World Sentosa. After you buy the ticket you can now go to the express train station and go to the Resorts World Sentosa. There are two stations that you can take the train one is the Imbiah station and another is Beach station. You should study your map and the travelling place you want to go first. Then you will know which station that you should take off and easy for you to go to each travelling place. 

Outstanding activities at Sentosa Island Singapore

The popular activities at the Resorts World Sentosa for most of the tourists are LUGE because it is fun and new thing for them. Some people like walking along the Merlion Walk and see the True Merion Tower. Some are like the show Song of the Sea which will be presented in the evening at this Sentosa Island.