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Explore Desert of Mui Ne

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Explore Desert of Mui Ne: The amazing two color dunes. Explore Desert of Mui Ne: The amazing two color dunes.
In the hot summer, the high temperature in Thailand might make you feel melting.  You can imagine the hot weather in desert. It is droughty, arid and dusty. 

However, some people also love the adventurous activities. If you would like to visit the desert, you don’t need to fly to Saudi Arabia for explore Sahara. It is too far to go there. You can experience the desert by flying only few hours from your home. I highly recommend Mui Ne desert in Vietnam. This desert is located at Phan Thiet province. In addition, it is the nearest desert in Thailand. Traveling around neighborhood countries are good choices for your trip. 

Explore Desert of Mui Ne: The amazing two color dunes.

I haven’t known that there is a stunning desert in Vietnam. According to Southeast Asia’s geography, it should be wet and tropical environment. In my opinion, it is impossible to see the real desert in tropical zone, especially in our neighborhood country. I have a chance to visit Mui Ne dessert. It is surreal. I think this trip is suitable for adventurous people who want to explore hot and droughty environment, also the desert life.  By the way, there are no camel, or shepherds herd cow here.

Explore Desert of Mui Ne: The amazing two color dunes.

Mui Ne desert is accessible. It is not far from Ho Chi Minh City, just around 200 Kilometers away from the main street in Ho Chi Minh.  I ensure that Mai Ne desert offers an amazing experience to you. Mui ne desert has sand up to 18 colors. But the most colors are white and red dune. Mui Ne desert is divided in two parts which each part provides different sand. The first side is the red dunes which are smaller and softer sand than white dunes. Generally, tourists can sled in this side. The red dunes are normally located on the coast. For another side, the white dunes provides the big sand. All of them are natural beauty that blend to each other perfectly. 

Explore Desert of Mui Ne: The amazing two color dunes.

Although the red dunes provide sand which is smaller than the white dunes, the red dunes are more popular among tourists and visitors. Moreover, when the tourists take a photo. The red dunes sand offers the scenic and stunning views. Red color is more outstanding than the white one. Furthermore, the popular activity is sledging from the top dune to the ground. You can rent the equipment and sledge from the shops nearby there. This activity is suit for the whole family members. I ensure that you can have a wonderful time there.

If you would like to backpack in Vietnam without using local guide, I highly recommend you to visit Mui Ne dessert especially in the white dune zone in the early morning. So, you can avoid the strong sunlight. Moreover, you will have a chance to snap a beautiful shot from the sunrise. Furthermore, you can take a photo in another dune for the sunset in the evenings either. Vietnam truly provides wonderful and amazing attractions for tourists around the world.