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Garden by the Bay at Singapore

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Garden by The bay | Singapore Garden by The bay | Singapore
If you are looking for the place to relax and chill out, you can think of Garden by the Bay. 

Garden by the Bay is one of the travelling places of Singapore that most of the tourists come here to relax and enjoy their vacation. Garden by the Bay was just opened but this place is one of the attractive gardens in the Singapore. Because of the modern design garden together with the natural, this make the Garden by the Bay become famous. Garden by the Bay is located in the centre of the City so that it is easy for everyone to come here. It is not only people in Singapore who would like to come to the Garden by the Bay but it is also the tourists from all around the world.

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Come to know more about the Garden by the Bay with us

The Garden by the Bay is the new travelling place of Singapore. It is divided into 3 zones that are Bay Central, Bay East and Bay South. The Bay Central is located beside the lake so you can feel relax with the lake view. From this Bay Central zone you can walk to the second zone of the Bay East by the connected walkway. At this Bay East you will find and be impressed with the several flowers. For the one who love flowers you will fully enjoy this zone. The third zone of the Garden by the Bay is the Bay South which is the largest zone of the Garden by the Bay. The highlight of this South Bay is the large trees that can give you feel cool during the hot day. Or if you come in the night time you will be able to join the show called Rhythm with nature. It is the light shows from the trees which you will feel like you are looking at the dancing trees. These are the recommended place of Singapore that you should not miss. Enjoy your vacation at the Garden by the Bay in both day and night time.

Oasis of Singapore

If you like cool and shady from the trees you should come to the Garden by the Bay. This is the travelling place that most of the people call the Oasis of Singapore because it the big area of garden that you will get fresh when you come here. Singapore is a small country but most of the travelling places are not small. Explore Singapore, you will then like this country.

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The Botanical Garden at Singapore

One thing that you will be impressed by the Garden by the Bay is the largest garden in the world. This garden is covered the area of 250 Acre. This Garden by the Bay is located at the Marina Bay closed to the Marina Bay Sands. You can see the big three buildings connected from this garden. There are flowers from all around the world at this garden with the nice designs.

At the flower dome you can see the collection of the flowers from the cool-dry Mediterranean climate, some flowers that you can only see from Europe, Chile, South Africa and California. You also can visit the cloud forest that has the man made waterfall with the height of 35 meters also.