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Go to Suan Phueng the land of romance

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There are many travelling place closed to Bangkok that you can take only few hour drive to there. 

However if you are the one who is looking for the romantic place with the cold weather and located between the mountain and natural, you can go to SuanPhuengRatchaburi. You can pack your bags and go with your partner to SuanPhueng. At this place you will enjoy with the nice and beautiful natural and other places around SuanPhueng.

Moai coffee at Suan Phueng

If you go to SuanPhueng you can stop at the Moai coffee before you reach SuanPhueng. It is very easy to find Moai coffee because during the way to SuanPhueng you will see the Moai coffee located nearby the highway. The carved stones look like the human’s face in front of the Moai coffee shop is come from the inspiration of the owner who like the Moai which have the huge stone that carved to more than 600 human’s faces on the Ester beach at Chili. This is one of the travelling place at SuanPhueng that you can drop and take a break for having coffee before entering to SuanPhueng. If you order coffee or any drinks you will also get the free ticket to the sheep farm.

The Scenery Vintage Farm SuanPhueng

The Scenery Vintage Farm is the place for the tourist who like taking photos. There are many corners for you to take photos. There are many activities for you to join at the Scenery Vintage Farm. The ticket or entrance fee for the Scenery Vintage Farm is only 40 THB each. At this place is one of the first travelling place in Thailandthat have the sheep. Most of the tourists come to SuanPhueng come to here and having photos with the sheep.

The Veneto floating market at SuanPhueng

The Veneto floating market has got the idea from Santorini. The outstanding of this floating market is the white and blue colors of the building. This is the shopping place but you can also take a nice photos here also because at this Veneto floating market SuanPhueng has decorated with the concept of love. You can have lovely photo at the fountain court, clock tower, and the garden. There is the lake which have the view of mountain on the back. You can also enjoy the water activities here.

New Land at SuanPhueng

This is the land of fun at SuanPhueng. It the place that combine a lot of fun activities for all ages of tourists such as small train, feeding milk to fishes, feeding food to sheep, archery, fish spa and ATV driving. There also a restaurant and souvenir shop. At this New Land is free for entrance you only need to pay of the activities. 

There is another place for you to visit such as Burano at SuanPhueng. This place will give you nice location for taking photo. You will feel like standing in the Burano city of Italy.

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  • Coordinates: 13.5388751,99.1882855
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