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Ha Pale beach the sea most fun

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Who said Myanmar has no sea. The fact  Myanmar sea is very beautiful as Thailand. Before, I never thought that Myanmar will have the sea like other countries. 

Because of the condition of the landscape seen from outside the country.  The people that go are often talking about historical places or only major temple. There are very few people who are talking about going to the beach to relax. When I have an opportunity to meet with the Burmese who came to work in Thailand. Therefore know that Myanmar has beautiful sandy beaches, clear sea as well.When I learn everything, then I pack bags in order to go to the  Ha Pali beach.

And when the ambition to see Myanmar sea. Me and a younger friend traveled to Ha Pali Beach  which is the famous beach of Myanmar. And is considered a tourist destination that has been one of the most popular of the siblings as well. I understand that attraction is the sea or  Ha Pali beach,tourists rarely mention. It is because Myanmar's political reasons resulted in the beautiful tourist attraction is the sea of mostly unknown among tourists from abroad much. Moreover, most people will stick with pictures of Burmese with Buddhism and temples are more than.

Ha Pali beach is beautiful sea not allergic to sea Thai. I think it is extremely quiet, which I see hotels and resorts, including entertainment options, there are also a few. Makes me feel better, that is the advantage of relax at this time. Although rarely seen so many tourists sunbathing or swimming, but I believe that those who visit the  Ha Pali  beach with tranquil sea and offers beautiful natural, I like really.because Ha Pali beach there are white sand beaches.Blue and green crystal clear. Without waste and chemicals that affect the environment as to the sea some of home.

Ha Pali beach is located in the area of the provincial  Tang Tawae. In the municipality of the State of  Ya Khai. State which is located in the West of  Burma, which Ha Pali beach  away from the  town, which is approximately 7 kilometer.Which  beach long stretch parallel to the coast, approximately 3 km away and can be seen on the ocean with India.

I just know that the Ha Pali  beach. Promoted as a main attraction of Myanmar. For those who want to sleep listening to the sound of the waves on the Ha Pali  beach at night . It can find a place to stay from the hotel and resort.  Despite the open not too much. Each of which has different quality of accommodation. Which is both cheap and expensive.

Also the Ha Pali beach  is also a fishing village. Where you can watch the life of the local people, fishing, traditional drying fish along the sandy beach, including transportation by using a cow.

If you want to know how beautiful  Ha Pali beach. You need to see it with my own eyes. That Myanmar.

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