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Let test yourself with Volcano

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The Bromo Volcano The Bromo Volcano
Indonesia is another country which has various landscapes such as Island, see, waterfall, and lake also includes the Volcanos which are not finish yet.  

This would make you feel so dangerous but actually it’s the most famous for the traveler around the world. That volcano named Bromo Volcano, which I have been there to test myself already then I would like to share my experience with you which could be your some inspiration for you to go there too. 

What is the Bromo Volcano?

The Bromo Volcano is the top place of Indonesia for all visitors who come to Indonesia. The name “Bromo” is meaning to “Fire”. This volcano have height about more than 2000 meters and used to eruption before. But now it’s about to calm down but not finished yet which you can notice that the Bromo Volcano is still have smoke for some time. 

The Bromo Volcano

The highlight of Bromo Volcano

The highlight of Bromo Volcano of this trip is you can walk up to the carter too.  As in Thailand that not have the Volcano like this then I have really interested to walk to see by myself too. At that time I still remember how I can feel while I’m standing at the carter of Bromo Volcano but not really know how to explain in alphabet to let you feel like that with me. So the only one method is you have to go to see by yourself at here Bromo Volcano. 

Kawah Ijen Valcano

The next one is Kawah Ijen Volcano which is about the end of right of east java at Bondovaso city. To go to this volcano is very difficult than go to Bromo Volcano.  So if you would like to visit there then I would suggest that to rent the van that would be more safety and you could sightseeing while on the van as well. 

The highlight of Kawah Ijen Volcano

The great point of Kawah Ijen Volcano which is attractive to many travelers is the eruption of Kawah Ijen volcano as the sulfuric acid. At the night time you will see the sulfuric acid as the blue frame which it’s very beautiful. Another thing is the emerald color lake once it’s reflected with the sun that is so very beautiful as well. 

The Bromo Volcano

The Volcano Travel caution

The Volcano is the dangerous place not just only the Bromo Volcano or Kawah Ijen Volcano, so that you have to start with to protect yourself first. Don’t too close the crater of volcano which you may easy miss to falling down in to it. The face close sheet that because there are many dust and smoke and do bring back any sulfur rock as it’s full of poison. 

The volcano is the very interesting travel place of Indonesia but all travelers would be suggested that should have the very good cloth to protect you from dust and smoke of volcano.  Another thing is need to always be carefully you as all the time as it’s the very dangerous place, once every ready then let have fun with this adventure trip.

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