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Jerudong Fun Park

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Jerudong Fun Park
If talking to fun park in Thailand, I think most of the people will think of Dream World or water fun park like Siam Park which not only have the water park but also having the fun equipment. 

Some may think of Magic Land or Happy Land, those already gone to our memories, new generations will not know these two places. If we are talking about Fun Park of the other countries in South East Asia, some may think of Disney Land at Hong Kong. However there is another fun park that also as good as Disney Land is Jerudong Fun Park at Brunei.

If you like to do something fun, and like Fun Park and don't want to go so far come to Brunei. At Brunei that you will can go to Jerudong Fun Park. Open your new experience here, you will love it. You can go to Jerudong Fun Park with your family, with your children. This will make you have an unforgeable memory. Last time I came to Brunei and see lots of the mosques and nice places, this time I came with my family to Jerudong Fun Park.

Jerudong Fun Park is one of the travelling place of Brunei that constructed by the money of the Sultanate. And this is the present for his people. This Jerudong Fun Park has a large area and bigger than Disney Land at Hong Kong. Inside the fun park there are a lot of fun equipment e.g. fly rails, shuttle car for every generation. For me and my family we came here and had picnic at the yard because I had limited money. Before that the Jerudong Fun Park is free. You don't need to buy the ticket, but now the ticket fee is 1 US dollar. This price is not including for the equipment if you want to play.

If check with the budget cost for construction for this fun park, I can say that the Jerudong is the fun park that have the most expensive cost for construction in South East Asia. I think it a good place for family to come and relax and have fun.  The Jerudong Fun Park is daily opened where I took my family here in the evening because it's not too hot. If you come to the Jerudong Fun Park at night you will exited with the light, colour and effect, the equipment also the dancing fountain and the shows. After we finished our dinner, we then took the shutter bus around the fun park, this make me and my children very excited with the thing we pass along the both sides.

Because of the large area of the fun park most of the people like to come here for picnic same as me. The surrounding and natural here are very nice. You can come here every, the open time is 4.00 pm-12.00 am. You can have fun with all of the equipment or you can have a walk along the edge of the lake or enjoy the show of dancing fountain.

If you don't like crowded people, you can come on week day but if you like fun with lot of people you should come on Saturday and Sunday. You will get the new experience that you have never had before.