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A heaven over the Sarawak River

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Kuching is a popular city in the state of Sarawak. Kuching is similar to the Chinese town in China, but it is located in Malaysia. 

I have a chance to visit this small town in the first time of my life. Kuching is described as one of the most attractive city which is full of rich history. Moreover, this city is surrounded by river which provide serene and peaceful views.

Kuching Sarawak River Malaysia

My first stop is an old temple where is nearby my accommodations. This temple is one of the historical site. You can rent a bicycle to survey the site. However, I would love to walk around more than get a ride there. Furthermore, I found out that most Chinese people emigrated from the Mainland to settle here. Most of them choose to be a merchant or trader. They would love to do international trade between their home country and Malaysia. Then, I walk along the river and spend time to see the sunset there. It is unforgettable moment that I feel time flies.

Kuching Sarawak River Malaysia

In the next morning, I begin my trip by visiting the Kuching’s attractions. The first attraction that I would love to explore is Chinese Museum. This museum is a great starting point to explore Kuching in a nut shell.  The museum offers the Kuching’s history and culture.  You can learn their business in the past. I also have a sightseeing of this town. I walk through the city and get a boat to cross the river. On the way back, I drop by the famous coffee shop which sell the well-known cake. This shop is named as “Mira”. This shop provide the several of favors for your choice. You can ask for tasting cakes before ordering them. 

Kuching Sarawak River Malaysia

Apart from the cake shop, you can visit the pink Masque. This masque is situated in the heart of Kuching city. Unfortunately, they are not allowed us to take a photo as same as the Sarawak Museum.  I feel impressed since the first step of visiting there. I fall in love in this small town because it is delightful blend of the modern constructions and old-world structures. Not only you can explore the important landmark in Kuching but also you can experience the way of life, the local myths, the ancient handicraft including the other antique masks and statues.

I am back to the port again, I would love to cruise along the river before ending my trip here. This is my first time that I cruise outside my home country. I would like to spend more time by getting on a boat. It reminds me to take a slow life.  You can relax and feel appreciated life when you are on board. I really enjoy the cruise and the views along the ways are pretty beautiful. In addition, you are offered the refreshment while you are having a good views.

Kuching is the final destination for cruise lover. This is one of my memorable trip that I promise to myself to come back again.