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Miracle of rock at PhuPhaThoep

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Mukdahan is one of the province in the North East of Thailand that have the attractive travelling place like PhuPhaThoep.

This PhuPhaThoep is the place that created by natural. You will see many rocks and stones that have different types and shapes stacked over the other rocks. Those rocks are located on the large stone field that waiting for visits to come and discover them. They are the natural art that can make people who visit there feel impressed with the natural designs of the rock. Discover this by yourself at PhuPhaThoep.

Different types of rock designed by natural at PhuPhaThoep

Most of the rock at PhuPhaThoep are in group and perform in different styles. Some of the rock stack on the others and make them look like the roof that can prevent the wind. This type of the roof was called “Thoep” n e-sarn language. Some of the rock look like an umbellar, some are like the mushrooms, some are like the jet plane, Chinese hut,crown, boots etc. It was suspected that those rocks had been covered by soil or this mountain is come from soil. Because of rain and wind, these rocks had been scoured and transformed their shapes to the ones we see now. In the season change you will see the flowers with the different colours that make this PhuPhaThoep more beautiful and attractive. This is one of the unseen place of Thailand that you should come and visit.

Enjoy the miracle of rocks at PhuPhaThoep

You will find a lots of tourist both Thai people and Expats at PhuPhaThoep especially during the weekend. The highlight of PhuPhaThoep is the rocks in the front which have different styles that you can imagine. If you walk along the area of PhuPhaThoep, you will see a lot of huge rocks that you will never believe that how those rocks can stand like this for more than 120 years. If look in details you will find that those rocks are from sand but they were scoured by wind and water then make them transform to a different shapes. Most of the people can have different imagination on looking on those rocks.

The Thoep Hut that look like the big hut that has the extended roof. People can go inside there more than 10 people. Another interesting point of PhuPhaThoep is Mujalin field, this is one of the attractive place in PhuPhaThoep. This Mujalin field is the large area that contain with the forest flowers during the end of the rainy season. There are many types of flowers such as Dusita, Thipkesorn, Soisuwan, SarusChanthon, Thipchan, ManeeTheva etc. If you go during the dry or hot season you will only see the large empty field with no flowers but you will see the golden grasses and the dried trees with no leaves.  Apart from the field you can walk to the nearby places like PhaUth, PhaNgoi, ThamPra Waterfall.

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