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Most eyes at the Camiguin beach

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The Philippines is a country in ASEAN.  Although there is no area of the country, but Thai is also addicted to a neighbor.  

The Philippines has a number of Islands, each island is unique and has different and unique to the Philippines. Tourists will get pleasure and pleasure back.

If it is said that the place is the climax of the most tourism sea. The beach of Philippine and the author honored with the Camiguin  beach, Philippine. Which may be called the paradise of tourism here and it is confirmed that the garden of Eden sayings of God that are actually quite.

1. The location of the Camiguin beach.

The location of  the Camiguin beach. The located is on an island in the sea Bohol. By traveling here can do only that is sitting the boat ride, from the coast, which takes less than 1 hour you will arrive this paradise.

2.The impression on the Camiguin  beach.

Author arrived at the Camiguin beach in approximately 12.00 a.m. and travel in the resort. The weather today is very bright, And the author experience first. The peace and tranquility of the island. with that strange. No noise to feel a private is missing.

3. Activities of  the Camiguin  beach.

The author found that around the island. There are many activities, both for hiking. a small waterfall in the middle of the island. If you want to watch the fountain on the island have let you the experience. Included throughout the water activities and beaches around the beautiful island. Called at the beach Camiguin only one. You can do activities complete all.

4. Feeling at night.

When the sun sets the horizon. People only light from the moon that float in the sky shine impact with the sea, and the wind gently blowing hits with torsion wave sound.  Listen to similar music heaven is instrumental to the visitors at the beach of camiguin khluem and impression.  That is a matter that cannot be obtained from other points in the Philippines.

5. Come back again.

Proper names with the word "Camiguin" which localized that return visit again. Because after the cruise took me and guided out from the Camiguin beach. What I thought in my heart, always is. If you have a chance to go back to the Philippines again.  I would have come to the Camiguin beach again .

Actually the author didn't care for you, a small island. This island. The tour guide has told you that if visiting the Philippines and did not travel or visit here. It was not the Philippines ever. That this author had settled in to the Camiguin beach and meet the impression that this unexpected.

And if you would like to know Camiguin beach Just beautiful? You need to find the time and space to find an opportunity to visit and you will know the reason why tourists come here often because of what the author and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed of course.

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