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Respect to the Tawan god

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Visit Myanmar this time. I will take everyone to make merit, and the places I go to make merit by Buddhist sweet eyes.

I decided to visit Myanmar again because of the time and did not have the opportunity to worship Tawan God,  is that many of the people rumored in the construction of the biggest and most beautiful. Keep I mind waiting to get back to the land of  Ma khi

Measure that Chao Tat Yi temple is located at  Choi Kong Teng road city in Tomway. Is the shrine of the Tawan god  by a steel frame length 65 meters  located and roof cover 6 layer around the reclining Buddha, temple. The temple, which is to study the  tripitaka monk more than  600,Before going topay homage Tawan god. Front measure Chao Tat Yi There are plenty of souvenir shops along the walkway. Items of interest are both jade stone. Bracelet beads necklace wood dough Ta Naka, etc that tourists will enjoy buying. Shop wood carving that wood here is very cheap.

Reclining buddha 01

When I walked up to the pagoda, there are also kiosks selling flower and sacrificial offering kiosks inside the pagoda, which tourists can go to meditation and prayer. The Buddha is enshrined in the  safety room. I have a chance to revere, the size of the room is not big. But to finish rushed out to let others in worship as well. Then it came to pray to Tawan god, beauty or Tat Chao Ti reclining Buddha, which is in sleep  Buddha of reclining Buddha, With a length of over 70 meters, lying on the right side is the largest reclining Buddha, and has the most magnificent of Myanmar. Tawan god  with a white face and a long beautiful eyelashes horns. To raise eyebrows with sweet eyes, glass  sharp eyes. Blue eyelids, which is the source of  Tawan god and lips red. The robe that sway realistic. Foot painted in pink and gold streaks down the well though, it is still a beautiful painted toes nails. The foot of the beautiful paintings are favorable maximum. It consists of Wheel of Dhamma. The center of the foot and surrounded by a favorable  picture 108, because beauty beyond description. The temple is dedicated to photography,which I did not wait even didn't have a camera, big A mobile one is photographed beautiful.

Reclining buddha 02

When respect  Tawan god, I feel like I feel full of merit I decided to walk out in front of the temple to make merit. Because I think alms to merit because the front yard has a food vendor birds with doves a large crowd waiting philanthropist in food.  I think it would do better to catch birds and cages, waiting for someone to release. When flying, little, was arrested again. Look pathetic.

If you want to get into Burma. Don't forget to visit to pay homage to Tawan  god. Then you will know that Burma is well.

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