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Samae Sarn Sattathip

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Sa mae sarn : Sattahip Sa mae sarn : Sattahip
Sea is one of the thing that can fulfill the energy to your body and your mind from fatigue after work in each day and each month. 

Sea also help you to create a lot of new inspirations for living and goal setting. For me, I always look for some place that you I can relax, some place which not far from Bangkok, and these are my target. My destination today is Nang Ram beach Sattahip the place which not too far from Bangkok.

I took only 3.5 hours drove from Bangkok to Nang Ram beach at Sattahip. Some who come here may confuse about the way to Nang Ram beach because there are 2 roads that can access to Nang Ram beach but the most common route that normally used is call kilometre 10 junction; called by people around there. Nang Ram beach is nearby ChukSamet Pier which close to HTMS ChakriNaruebet.

My first impression at Nang Ram beach is when I first came to this Nang Ram beach in the early morning, what I saw is the clear sea water that reflect with the sun light and cause the scintillation along the sea, it really like diamonds reflect with the light. I can't imagine that we can have a very clear and nice sea close to Bangkok. After that I parked my car in a tidy car park.

Now I looked around Nang Ram beach which is divided into three zones. First is the restaurant that close to the car park area. The second is toilets and accommodation which you can see on the left hand side if you stand face to the shops. And the last zone on the back is the beach and sea. The first thing I did is looking for a rental mat.

I walked to the beach and looked for the rental mat. I only used my ID card and some deposit. Now I started to look for a location below the pine trees closed to the beach. The weather there was very very good that you had never felt like this before if you are living in the city. If you need food you don't need to walk because there will be a person walks to you and ask for order. My suggested menus are Papaya Salad, Lab, Nam Tok and one bottle of soft drink. Only these can make me happy.

The normal activities for everyone here at Nang Ram beach are swimming, banana boat, kayak and parasel. I wondered if I was at Pattaya. The people who came here were mostly in family and young teenagers so I thought this is the nice beach even it is not a long beach.

I spent my time at the Nang Ram beach until evening before returned to Bangkok. I though Nang Ram beach Sattahip is one of the place that make me impress. I also need to invite everyone to recharge your energy and have your mind clear at Nang Ram beach Sattahip

Additional Info

  • Address:

    Samaesarn, Sattahip District, Chon Buri

  • Coordinates: 12.579558, 100.949606
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