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Pulau Ubin Singapore

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Riding the bicycle at Pulau Ubin Singapore Riding the bicycle at Pulau Ubin Singapore
If you are looking for the place that you can chill out and relax during your vacation, think of Pulau Ubin at Singapore. 

Pulau Ubin is the place that full with the natural you will be impressed with the easy life style of the people here. Pulau Ubin is the locally village that have the simple living style. If you come here you will have activities that will make you relax with the natural around here. Riding the bicycle along with the natural route can give you fresh and relax during the time you are at this Island. The Pulau Ubin is one of the travelling places of Singapore that located in the Northeast. This Island is now under developing to be the natural place.

Riding the bicycle at Pulau Ubin Singapore

Change your travelling style to be the local village feeling at Singapore

Everyone can have their vacation with natural style at the Pulau Ubin Village. Once you come here you can visit many places the will make you love the natural of this Island. You can visit the Granite Mine, the fish farm, shrimp farm, the coconut farm, the rubber farm, the mangrove forest and also the ancient fishing style called Kelongs. If you come to this Island you will feel the natural and living style of the people that have been preserved. However you still can have the basic utilities that are developed for the tourist and travelers who come to visit this Island such as the toilet rooms, hotels and resorts. If you need to get close to the natural in this Island you can rent the bicycle and ride along the route and learning the natural forest here.

You can also do camping or living in the small hut same as the other who come for riding at Pulau Ubin. Travelling by riding the bicycle is the preservative travelling style. If you want to hide the busy from the big city during your vacation you can come to this Pulau Ubin.

Riding the bicycle at Pulau Ubin Singapore

Chek Jawa Cape at Pulau Ubin

At the south east of the Pulau Ubin Island, there is a cape called Chek Jawa. You will find the large area of wetlands. You can see a numbers of sea animals here at the Chek Jawa such as horseshoe crab,echinodermata and the coral which are the living place of these type of sea animals. If you come to the Pulau Ubin and rent the bicycle you can also come to the Chek Jawa Wetlands. The distance to the Chek Jawa Wetlands is only 6-7 kilometres. Once you come here you will the wooden bridge extended to the sea. This is one of the scenic points of the Pulau Ubin.

Travel the Pulau Ubin with bicycle

You can spend your time in the city like Singapore city or having fun at the Sentosa Island. If you would prefer the peace and relax place and enjoy with the real natural, you should come to the Pulau Ubin. Only the one bicycle you will be able to relax with the blue sky, the green to natural and the nice view at Chek Jawa. 

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