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Rong Samloem Island of Sihanouk Ville

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Rong Samloem Island, Cambodia Rong Samloem Island, Cambodia
I have never thought that Cambodia will have the sea and beach as other country which name Rong Samloem Island and it’s located at Sihanouk Ville of Cambodia. 

If you just have the passport and propose to do not stay there over 14 then not need for visa.

Yeah I just knew for a while that have the sea at Cambodia too, So I could not wait then just hurry to pack my bag and let’s go to Rong Samloem Island now. You can see from map that this island is about the same coordinate with Chang Island and Kod Island of Thailand. The Rong Samloem Island is in the Sihanouk Ville City or another name is Kum Pong Som which it’s the famous coast city of Cambodia

In the Sihanouk Ville have other nearby island named Rong Samloem  which many people are recommend that it so beautiful and in the Sihanouk Ville that have a lot of tourist come to visit. The bay that I have went to is named Saracen Bay which it’s quite a curve bay.  This trip is quite not hurry for me which I have rent a small boat which capital can speak Thai for a bit.  Actually they have the big boat to service other tourist too. And as about the boat service in Thailand as Chang Island that they have the life vest for everyone. And it’s quite my lucky day that do not has much wave in the sea and spend about nearly 2 hours to arrive Rong Samloem Island.

Once I have arrived at Rong Samloem Island that my boat is able reach to the coast directly but if the big boat that have to go to the port first.  Once I’m out from my boat that I could not stop screaming but it’s not the sad screaming, it’s so glad and happy screaming because the sea water that so nice and clear. After that I have walk to survey around that area until to the port for big boat which I can see the board said Welcometo Rong Samloem Island. And because of the nice natural of this island to make me to forgot the feeling of sunny day too.

The most of tourist are foreigner. I’m quite love this island as it quite clam and the resort accommodation that quite be in harmony with the environment and do not have much technology for convenient as in the big city. So this is quite suitable for people who would like to take a rest rather than do other thing. I’m quite regret that I could not stay overnight at Rong Samloem Island. I like the curve of its bay which it’s look like the large horseshoe and its coast is too long many kilometers.

The structure of each resort at Rong Samloem that was built quite easy such as the roof cover was made from dry grasses, main part for wood and bamboo which foreigner traveler are very like it. The sand on this coast are like the powder and very soft. I’m walk no so far as I have quite less time and the coast is too long. Some resorts have the port into the sea which looks very nice and they have the place for party and barbeques and soft drink bar too.   

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