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Nang Ram beach

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Nang ram beach : Thailand Nang ram beach : Thailand
When I was young the only beach I go is Bang Saean, but when I grow up and have a bit money I selected to go to the southern part of Thailand or Andaman Sea.

I like to go for snorkeling at the islands. Because I like a clear sea and nice beach of the island. However travelling to the southern part in the past was take time, I had to go by bus in the evening and arrived in the early morning of the next day then caught the boat to the island in the morning.

I thought if there is any island which has a clear sea and white beach close to Bangkok it might be good. I started to look for the travelling place near Bangkok from that time. I realised that there are many nice island close to Bangkok, that I no need to travel overnight on the bus. Most of the islands are located in the Eastern part of Thailand. Every islands still have the nice beach and sea in my dream. Now if I have limited time, I just go to Chonburi or Rayong for snorkeling.

One travelling place that I will bring you to get the sea view and take a rest is located at Chuck Samet harbour at SattahipChonburi it is called Nang Ram beach.

Where is the Name Nang Ram beach come from?

In the past this place doesn't have name, it's just only a beach. From the story told by the local villagers said the word Nang Ram is the name of the small island opposite to the Nang Ram beach. This island had no living people and no one visit there. One day the music was heard from this island, so the people called this island as Nang Ram Island, meanwhile the beach was called Nang Ram beach until now

Surrounding Nang Ram beach

The remarkable for this Nang Ram beach is the beach that is located inside the Chuck Samet Harbour in the Sattahip naval base, Sattahip district Chonburi. This travelling place have the outstanding of the sea feeling and having a nice sand beach together with the clear sea water. This is one of the travelling place of the Royal Thai Navy that open for everyone to come. The facilities within Nang Ram beach are available for all travellers.

Opening time of Nang Ram beach

This Nang Ram beach at Sattahip district Chonburi is opened from 9.00 am but all facilities like restaurant, shop is opened  on 10.30 am – 9.00 pm. There are also small food shop nearby the beach for all travellers who need to order food and sitting on the beach rather than restaurant.

Travelling to Nang Ram beach

For travelling to Nang Ram beach, first you need to drive from Pattaya to Sattahip district. Go straight to Rayong Province until you find the intersection at Kilometre 10, then turn right to the harbour. Go straight to ChoukSamet Harbour you will then find the sing to Nang Ram beach.

There are a lot of fun water activities for you such as banana boat kayak swimming rings and canvas bed for you to relax during your weekend.

Additional Info

  • Address:

    Samae San, Sattahip, Chon Buri

  • Coordinates: 12.618842, 100.920425
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