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Shopping fun at Scott market

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If you travel to Myanmar. What you need is back is gift and place of deposit than that of Myanmar is the Scott market.

After I have the opportunity to visit historical cities as important places of Myanmar.  Besides one to return home, it is gift. Burmese shopping, many people suggest that this is Scott market. The statement came along with not so much I am travelling to the Scott market  now.

Scott market, or also known as the market  Boyok Ongsan market  as the largest market. There are several buildings after multiple connections. "Scotch market" or market, Scott Created by Scot When Burma was still a colony of England. On the North of the India market with the market in China, Sule Phaya  road intersection, the corner leaning up against the Boyok Ongsan road  next to the building that made the train. This market is a collection of items from all over the country.

Bogyoke Market

There is a similar type of sale products jatujak in almost every Thailand, it is the famous shopping area of Myanmar. As a source of center of all kinds and gift shop has a variety of products ranging from food, clothes, souvenir, silverware, jewelry, carved wood Buddha made of sandalwood,. A carved, gilded machine partsAncient Chinese porcelain, designation of King Chulalongkorn of Thailand glass lamp and vase antique watches, cutting, old cloth that system to those that are various, such as what to report. Oil painting picture view of Myanmar, the goods from minorities, etc. In the market Scott.

Bogyoke Market

I used the time to browse around the store's marketing people than it looks, and then saw a huge tasty dude with eye of the popular pastry it was sold next to all that is a blend of  Bayia fried. Deep fried, fried beans, Roti,spring rolls    In addition, many items are so I could select stripes eyes. Prices of goods are'nt expensive. See anything I'd like to buy him. The price can be negotiable. Walk until it encounters a beautiful oil painting Scott market, and an affordable price, which I personally still prefer to purchase and go back to take three area home furnishings pieces.  

Bogyoke Market

At  the Scott market is in the Thai people go shopping together.  Today, I can hardly walk collide with Thai people at all. Which merchant merchant was smiling  and happy. Because Thai people like to buy each other's here. Scott market  is good market  because it is located near the building of the Burma railway in Rangoon and is open every day from 10.00 17.00 p.m. Post Office is located on level 3 of the Scott market. I bought a postcard post office and back to yourself and surprise, surprise my friends at the office. Walk home gift shop for a lot of things. Which this trip, it is worth. Watching the beauty and local still have left to see some.

If you travel to Myanmar, do not forget to come visit the market Scott. Guarantee that you will be impressed.

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