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Siem Reap the Amazing place of Cambodia

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Angkor Thom : Siem reap Angkor Thom : Siem reap
Because of Cambodia that has a lot of the hidden interesting places where many people knew and never knew. 

And many people would like to visit to each important place and also Siem Reap. Regarding has other tourist who ever went to those places and come to tell about their story of those places and describe how do beautiful and amazing of them. Those tales that make me feel would like to touch the real thing which not just only in the social media.

angkor wat taprom temple

As for now the Cambodia is not too difficult and too far to travel from Thailand. And as because there are many interesting and most important places for tourist, so the traveling to the History Country as Siem Reap of Cambodia which have the border close to Thailand that have charm of itself. Then I would think that I will go to find out the answer.

My visitation to Siem Reap which it’s the one of province which located at the North West of Cambodia.  I like at Siem Reap as because it’s located at the Khmer’s Lake and its make the chance for me to arrive to world famous place such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom which they are the construction to represent of Religion and Historical. And it’s included to the wonder of Architectures which it’s the largest of the world. And at the place of worship that is the best of Khmer’s Architectures of the edge of empire which became as the symbol of Cambodia. And the reason why I have decided to come to Siem Reap that because Angkor Wat was registered to be the world heritage site under name “Meung Pra Nakone”. And there are a lot of people are travel to Angkor Wat.

angkor wat taprom temple

Moreover than Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom the another place that make me to travel to see the amazing beautifulness of Angkor Ta Phom is the one of legend which most the tourist have to visit of Siem Reap.  It’s stone palace was built in B.C 1186, the most attractive is the big banyan trees are cover this palace. It’s been like this because this area used to be the forest before. Then they have cut off a lot of tree for build the palace but the finally the power of nature the trees were cut that reborn and growth over and cover each parts of palace. So this reason was make the environment around palace that look so beautiful but fully of secret.  And that is why so many tourists as me are enchanted to Angkor Ta Phom.

angkor thom

Siem Reap was attractive to tourist by the last capital city as Angkor Thom which it’s about the north of Angkor Wat. And in the center of Angkor Thom are the Ba Yon palace and many other construction things. Even though there are many other attractive place in Siem Reap but most tourist still come to see Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Angkor Ta Prom which they are about the miracle thing of the world and make Siem Reap of Cambodia is became always the welcome place for tourist .

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