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Sulaweysi Island Bali

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Sulaweysi Island the equivalent beautiful with Bali Sulaweysi Island the equivalent beautiful with Bali
The famous island for travel of Indonesia that is not only Bali but there is another which it’s very interested about the same  as with Bali that is Sulaweysi Island.  

I can guarantee that Sulaweysi is the second of none. But what does the Sulaweysi has that please follow me from now.

The Fresh Natural which you have to hurry to see it  

Sulaweysi Island or in another name is Orchid Island is at about the middle of Borneo Island and Lugu Island.  The weather is warm and comfortable and nice natural. All the people have doing the agriculture and fishery. For some women have the good handcraft skill then they will produce many of local production from natural.  But the most what they have been doing now is the diving school.

Hot hit diving activity

As already mention as above the Sulaweysi has the strong point at Natural and diving sport. Even the road and transportation system on this island that very messy but people still love to come here and once they have dive then  every bad things will be forgotten suddenly. But one thing must be not forgotten it’s your camera then will miss to keep the impressive thing from the underwater world.

Sulaweysi Island the equivalent beautiful with Bali

The Bunaken National Park which all diver don’t missed

If the Sulaweysi is famous from the diving then this is the great point to dive. The Banuken National Park is the last answer if you are looking for where is the best one to dive.  Even though I’m the person who is not must prefer to dive but I’m still falling in love the underneath natural at here. It’s the real of forgot the world beautifulness.

The local village Toraja Land

The local village is name Toraja Land is the one thing to attractive many of traveler at Sulaveysi Island. The one is very outstanding once I have arrived that is the house with the large roof. It has the sharp shape at the both ends and has the concave downward at the middle. The climax of their tradition is to keep the body within their house until finished their ceremony period, this is very thriller traditional for me.

Ancient color painting of history which still be waiting for prove

The last thing which I would like to recommend is the Ancient color painting in the cave on Sulaweysi Island. All of them still are under to prove by many of scientists which those painting could be the oldest painting which human have ever met. I also went to see it even I do not much understand about this.

If anyone is boring the Bali Island then the Sulaweysi Island is another choice for many of traveler while actually that Sulaweysi Island has not much people like Bali Island. So the Sulaweysi Island is the answer for you if you are looking for the place which full of natural and have the best diving spot.  You will impressive forever if you have been there just only one time.