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Sunrise at Prambanan Temple

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The visitation to Indonesian again this time I have a chance to visit the Prambanan Temple too. The local people call this temple is “Ro Ro Jongkrang”. 

This is the Hindu’s temple and it’s the largest of south-east Asian too. Inside of Prambanan temple have 3 main altars for Hindu Deities which are Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

To walk within the Prambanan Temple that don’t allowed walking through every part of this temple but just partially and at Prambanan temple still be showing some part which were destroyed from the past too. But one thing that make me very impressive is the area at behind of Prambanan Temple, at about 5 am is this good time to see the sunrise while you will see the beautifulness of Prambanan temple under the shade of the sun which cover over every part of temple too. As Prambanan Temple is the shrine of worship of Hindu Religion at Indonesia then you will feel to the great faithful of Hindu too.

Prambanan Temple

The Prambanan is located at the Central Java which far from Yorkyakarta to the east about 80 Kilometers.  From the history recorded Prambanan temple was stared to build since year 874 but not finished. The main part of Prambanan was leave like that until year 1888 that have rebuild and continue the construction until finished on year 1923 until now. The Prambanan temple was registered to be the world heritage and is the large place of Hindu of south-east Asia. The high light of this architecture is has the large stupa which it’s height about 47 meters.

The Prambanan Temple is the great place and be full of the beautifulness of large rock sculpture and most perfect of Indonesia. The Prambana temple or the place of worship that is very huge as there are other 156 temple located around the 8 large temples at the center. There are many of rock sculpture about the Ramayana Story which is this bible of Hindu too. The Prambanan rock palace was registered and world heritage since the world summit 15th in the name “The Group of Prambanan Temple in year 1991 at Tunisia as it’s represent of the evolution of Art, Culture, Science and factory of technology of human.

prambanan 01

You can come here by bus from Yorkyakarta and will spend about an hour if it’s not much traffic and it’s quite often round too. Or if you don’t want to wait for long time then you can catch the taxi as well but could be more expensive than the bus. Also have the food shops around the temple too, so do not worry if you want to find some to eat to stop you’re hungry while walking around the Prambanan temple.

Also don’t forget that Indonesia is the Muslim country then please beware you dressing to be very polite very time when visit to the old place of religion like this. Need close every part of your body and would be good if you bring your large hat as well as this is the outdoor place then you will have chance to walk under the sunny day too.

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