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Cruising along Saigon River

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Take a real break by cruising along Saigon River. Take a real break by cruising along Saigon River.
According to the high temperature in summer, it really make me think of the water activities; for example, drinking water, taking a shower, swimming in the sea and cruising along the river. 

When you have a chance to visit Vietnam, I believe that most people would love to experience cruising along the Saigon River. Cruising along the Saigon River is one of the popular attractions for visitors. Many company put this cruising in their itineraries for group tour. The cruising program is one of the highlight things to do when you visit Vietnam. Everyone can experience the luxury life by just getting on board. 

Take a real break by cruising along Saigon River.

I heard about the cruising along Saigon River for a long time. This is a good chance for me to prove that words are true.  I book the cruising program in advance. Once I get on board, I do not feel disappointed. It is worth to cruise here. Cruising along the Saigon River is a popular program among visitors. It is listed in top ten to do in Saigon. Moreover, there are several cruising program tour for your preference. You can select the luxurious cruise or the normal one. In addition, they also offers the dinner or lunch cruise for your group.   You will have amazing experience on board with lively and flashy big ships.

Take a real break by cruising along Saigon River.

Apart from sightseeing along the river while cruising, you can see the Vietnamese architecture from both sides of the cruise. It was sailing slowly from the main pier. You can feel the wind against you face while you are appreciated the scenic views. Moreover, the cruise also provides ton of food. Some cruises offer international and five stars food. Furthermore, there are performance and showcase on board, including live bands. Each shows is professional and impressive. For me, I like the Vietnamese show. The Vietnamese girls show local dancing from the north. Tourists and visitors should not miss to experience cruising and see the variety showcase on board. It is truly entertainment. I bet that you are able to enjoy it indeed. It is a great night with super romantic views which including fantastic international food and wonderful performance. They show differently in every day. 

Take a real break by cruising along Saigon River.

The most highlights of the show is a girl on fire. She is very professional to deal with fire. She engage in fire juggling which consists of juggling with sticks.  She can swing the fire by using her hand, arm, neck and waist. I was amazed when she keep fire in her mouth. It is a memorable show. Everyone is surprised with her outstanding performance. Moreover, you are able to sing a song with your friends on board. They always provide Karaoke inside. My friends and Vietnamese girls really enjoy Karaoke there. I was not sure which song they were singing. But I never mind to share happiness moment with them. For me, I don’t like singing. Thus, I just sat and had a drink there. 

Overall it was a worthwhile experience. Cruising along the Saigon River is one of my luxurious trip in my life. I will never forget this trip.