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Temburong National Park

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Temburong National Park
Temburong National Park is the huge natural and forest of Brunei. If you need the feeling of real natural and the feeling of the forest, I suggest you come here for two days. 

You will be full with the natural of this Temburong Nation Park same as me.

Actually I feel bored with taking a boat, because I always take boats to work in Bangkok, in KlongSansap. So when I came to Brunei, I did not think that I will take boat every day. However the boat here at Brunei is quite good and not the same as Thailand because it a Taxi boat with roof same as Taxi bus at Thailand. I took a boat to the month of the bay of Brunei which the boat passed the mangrove forest and tropical rain forest. You can see the monkeys play the water along both sides of the river. The boat took about 1 hour to Temburong district, but not gets to the National Park yet. I had to take a bus to the Temburong National Park.

At the large area of the Temburong National Park you will see many types of wildlife animals. I am sure that you will be much exited with these. Not only the forest and animals that you will be enjoy but you will have a chance to learn the life style of local people there. You can take a bamboo boat along the river of the Tembu, this will make you get close to the natural.

The National Park Temburong is the most completed tropical forest and this is suitable for everyone who like travelling in adventure style. If you like rafting or you like to walk across the hanging wooden bridge over the forest, come to visit here at the Temburong National Park. You will see different things. Travelling natural is the second activity of Brunei. This Temburong National Park is located in the Temburong area which very wide. To come to this Temburong national Park you need to take 2 days to travel to here. If you need to walk higher that the top level of the trees, there is a walk way that you can walk above those tree in this forest. You will able see the view from top.

I can see many wild animals that rarely find in the others places in The Temburong National Park. I saw the long nose monkey, Rachabruge butterfly. I was very exiting with the rafting along the Temburongriver but it was very fun and scared me. The water is some time turbulence the boat controller had to control the boat all the time. Sometime the boat hit the stone along the river.

You can select whether travelling style you like by walk or by boat but you will enjoy both styles, because rafting along the river can make you feel like travelling along the Amazon because the tropical rain forest and tropical forest along both sides of the river.

Because of the beautiful and the large area of the natural of Temburong National Park made me always exited even I was very tired from the rafting. However there were a lot of places to go, I walked to the hanging bridge. It was a bit scared me but the structure was stable, however they allowed only 5 persons on the bridge. It was very tired to walk until went up to the top of the mountain. For me I could not walk up to the top and I had to walked back, and let my friends continue. Finally I feel very good to be here, it made me happy at Temburong National Park.