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The big Ferris Wheel

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The big Ferris Wheel and City view at Singapore The big Ferris Wheel and City view at Singapore
Singapore Flyer or the Ferris wheel is one of the travelling places at Singapore. Most of the tourists like to go to the Singapore Flyer because they can see Singapore city in the top view. 

This Singapore Flyer had been the biggest wheel of the world. The height of this wheel is165 meters so this place is put on the travelling list of most of the tourists. The Singapore Flyer was initially operated in year 2008 with the degree of the biggest wheel in the world. However in year 2014 the High Roller from Las Vegas has become the biggest wheel in the world. Even this Singapore Flyer is not the biggest wheel in the world but most of the tourists still come to Singapore and the Singapore Flyer to see the 360 degree view of Singapore city.

What will you see when you are on top of the Singapore Flyer

Once you get into the Singapore Flyer and going up you will see the Singapore City in 360 degree. From the top view you can see a lot of high buildings in Singapore together with the blue color of the Marina Bay. You will be impressed with the Singapore city view. You can also take lots of photo from the top view because it will take around 30 minutes for one round. So you can enjoy this new experience with your partner, family or your friends in the height level of 165 meters or equal to 45th level building

singapore flyer 01

Singapore Flyer and the lucky number 

One of the reason that make most of the tourists come to the Singapore Flyer is not only need to see the Singapore City in 360 degree from the top view, but it also the number. This Singapore Flyer is consisting of 28 capsules and each capsule can be fit for 28 seats or 28 persons. Some person believes that the number 28 mean well development or progress of their lives and some people call double prosperity. They also believe that if anyone has a chance to get into the Singapore Flyer they will be lucky and have the double good prosperity in their lives.

singapore flyer 02

Fully impressed with the nice views of Singapore from the top

If you come to the Marina Bay one on the outstanding thing that make you feel excited and attracted you is the Singapore Flyer. Because of the size and heights that equal to 42 levels building will make you can wait to go up there and see the Singapore city from the top. If you would like to have the nice experience with the Singapore Flyer you should come. You will sit in the capsule that can have at least 10-15 persons per capsules. Inside the capsules you will feel comfortable and relax with the nice capsule design and the air conditioner inside. Once you get up on the capsule it will take around 30 minutes for one round. You can also see the nice view of the Marina Bay from here also. Or if you are the couple and need to surprise your partner, there is a Dinner Package within the capsule. Food will be served with the 360 degree view of Singapore. This is the most romantic place for the lovers.