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The Borobudur Temple Buddhist must see

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Borobudur Temple Borobudur Temple
Most of Buddhists once have known any place is the great religious place then will wish to visit there one time in their live. Me too, but if will go to Nepal or India that would be quite too far. 

Then let start to visit at Borobudur Temple first and not too far just only an Indonesia. Once you been there then you will feel to the great and faithfully of Buddhism which you can find that as following.

Brief story of Borobudur Temple

First thing will need to know some background of the Borobudur before. This Borobudur temple is located at the Yorkyakarta city on Java Island. It’s built since 8th -9th century, but very strange that was leave alone until 18th century and was registered to be the world heritage from UNESCO too. This is very amazing.

Is there anything inside the Borobudur Temple?

Once I have arrived and seen that make me think about the Pyramids which have many layers about the same as together.  Once walk up through each floor and seen many of sculpture which be embodied in with the Dharma puzzle and many of consideration points. Once getup higher then will see the statue of Buddha that makes me forgot the tried suddenly.

Borobudur Temple

The belief of Borobudur Temple

It’s certainly that the beliefs come with the religion place and here is the same thing. The belief of this place is if whoever touches the statue of Buddha since 7th floor and wish then that wish will be real. I’m also did that but it’s too hard before can done all, and I will not to tell you what I wish. 

The impression of Borobudur Temple

The first thing which I’m impressed to the Borobudur is the architecture of this temple. It’s very great powerful very faithfully and great holly.  And once you have walked through around the temple then you will feel the great faithfully of Borobudur Temple builder who must have very great faithfully.  But there are some parts were destroyed because it’s leave for long time.

Dharma Puzzle of Borobudur

There are many Dharma Puzzle been embedded with this religious place. I could summaries from the tour guide that the first outer that is meaning to Kamabhumi which is about the human. The middle is meaning to Roopabhumi which is about human have to stop their sin. And the last one is A-Roopabhumi which is Nipan that is meaning to do not involve with human anymore.

If you prefer to visit at Borobudur temple then will need to check the time schedule first because sometime they have some ceremony. They will not allow anyone to inside then you have to check before waste your time here. For any Buddhists, I would recommend that you have to come here one time in your life then you will know and feel how about the great of faithfully.

As every place about religious place around the world that you would know already that need to ware you dress very polite and cover every part of your body so you will not waste your time if you have a good planning about this too.

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