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Mactan Island, Philippines

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One of the attractions of the Philippines in renowned for its luxury and private beach. Mactan Island, Philippines, to think of absolutely. 

Because it is a source of recreation for people who had money or a heavy bag teams have come and relax here.  For the Mactan Island, Philippines has nothing interesting to do so by the author together. 

1. Traveling to Mactan Island, Philippines

For the island of Mactan is located not far from the city of Jeju buprathet Philippines too much.  We can sit in a car across the sea from the city of Ceju to the Mactan Island  airbase.  It takes a long time author timer and then about 2 hours only. This prop is a trip by traveling during the daytime. A relatively small force in the Sun. Smearing sunblock with him would be the best thing.

2. In a luxury hotel around the beach.

The first thing that an author can instantly touch is the luxury of those Resorts located on Mactan Island, the Philippines. The atmosphere may be similar to the us to stay in Hua Hin.  But there may be differences in the tall building where we won't see here.  Which designs buildings that include facilities that make you feel good at the same time. 

3. beautiful beaches, crystal clear water.

The author of one of the already established at the resort.  Before you grab my camera and walk down to the beach. That tells me what it is that is very impressive.  Because of that, there are no beaches throughout the debris that would distract.  Including the author noting that waters throughout the beach is quite clear, quite.  Until he can see the floor undulation of the waves and the torsion on the ground under the sea sand. 

4. Water sport facilities.

The author of one of the shop sit down and buy coconut water, eat before you see the people to  come here are doing various activities.  Such as swimming. The marooned in the middle of the sea playing banana boat, and so on.  The beauty of the sea by giving the author there is a feeling that. This place is a great option if you plan to explore a great experience coming here. 

5. Romantic evening atmosphere.

One thing that the author overlooks is the last romantic of Mactan Island, Philippines. The sun shine as gold into system on sea water.  Make it feel very impressive especially if anyone visit here with a lover.  The authors think need to impress and give a feeling of romance, that is quite possible.

6. The sky is beautiful at night.

Actually this looks unlikely related to Mactan Island visit Philippines. But from the author's feeling that experience showed that the atmosphere at night here, it is beautiful and very impressive.

Especially the sky we can see the stars clearly. Until you are feeling like standing in a sea of the fairy tale.

The author traveled later in the day dawn to go to the other cities, but say the impression when the time came to visit at the Mactan Island, Philippines. It still has never faded even once.

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