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Sunset at Pra Nom Ba Kheng

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Pra Nom Ba Kheng, Angkor Thom Pra Nom Ba Kheng, Angkor Thom
Pra Nom Ba Kheng is not the familiar name for general traveler also me too be I have a chance come to Cambodia already that I would not missed to visit there for sure. 

Even if I have never know what is the Pra Nom Ba Kheng and this is not my place so I would think this is the good chance for me and local people also recommend to go to see it that I would thought  it’s must be not normal for sure.

phnom bakheng temple

The route to the Pra Nom Ba Kheng is not too far from our accommodation as I have on the bus only for 5 Kilometers which pass the Angkor Wat but I have to stop my mind because I have plan to come here already in the next morning and today we are going our destination which is Pra Nom Ba Kheng. Once the bus have stopped at the front of entry gate of Pra Nom Ba Kheng  that could not believable that will have a lot of Tuk Tuk, motorcycle, taxi  and tourist bus as like the army. And it’s quite knew already in among of cicerones that the target of each traveler who come to Pra Nom Ba Kheng is need to see the sunset over the top Pra Nom Ba Kheng as well.

angkor thom

And other things that are also quite massive at Pra Nom Ba Kheng are the peddlers who are shouting to sale their goods which most are books, bracelets, T-shirts, silk etc. And they have much sale strategy but if customers know the trick then then can bargain the price a lot as they have set the price quite high already.

The distant which I have climb up to the top of Pra Nom Ba Kheng that about half hour. And because so crowded that make me too difficult for each foot step.  And they have the same target as mine. And however it’s now I’m here at the place of Pra Nom Ba Kheng.

angkor wat taprom temple

To climb up to the top of Pra Nom Ba Kheng that has to be much more carefully as it’s quite is steep. And at the top of Pra Nom Ba Kheng have sculpture of Ap Sala (angel) which in the pass about 30 years ago that have war in the city and they have been used this sculpture to be as the shot spot for practice of Red Khmer which you can notice that there are a lot of holes from bullets on its.

phnom bakheng temple

And finally the moment which all of travelers are waiting have arrived. I have setup my tri pod for my camera and waiting for the second of best beautiful light of sunset but it’s quite difficult because there are so many people here and they are walk pass my camera direction too. It’s difficult to shoot it which I have to setup my camera as multi frame shooting mode then I could get some acceptable photos which it’s about the orange shed over the reservoir namedWest Ba Rai. That is unbelievable that the Pra Nom Ba Kheng that is not in my place list but I have a chance to see it. I would like to say it’s so beautiful as rumor, so whoever would like to feel good as I got then you have to come here Pra Nom Ba Kheng by yourself. 

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  • Coordinates: 13.439556, 103.866570
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