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Kalanggaman island

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Kalanggaman island Image from : http://palompon-leyte.gov.ph/
There are many islands in the Philippines. Each island is a popular tourist island atmosphere, visit a lot and if he wants to come here to experience the fresh air and nature of visits the Philippines. 

We recommend that you must hurry because now, On the island is very beautiful. If you want to relax in the Philippines and would like to stay at the sea.  Without an atmosphere, there is chaos. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. You must absolutely impressed when visiting the Kalanggaman island. For this reason, you should go to Kalanggaman Island, come and see what's up.

1. Peaceful atmosphere.

The first part that author has a passion for the most first. Just put your feet are touching  go on a piece of white sand. Peace and quiet, there are the same sound of silence I affected to touch hearts, jungle. 

It makes my mind calm down as soon as they are on the Kalanggaman island and this is likely to happen to you.

2. Here have separate sea.

At the  Kalanggaman island  have  place of interest is the matter the separate sea of beautiful  and similarity to separate sea house. with length of separate sea than 400 meters, feeling very impressive. Especially if you are shot from this point (But secretly like to Krabi).

3. Sand or powder threshing basket.

All the time about 2 hours. The authors walk traverses to the white sand beach. To absorb atmosphere on the Kalanggaman Island. For who of  favorite in the matter.  The whiteness of the fine sand like flour. Here is the best. See, I want to bring them home.

4. A comfortable journey.

For those who want to arrive at Kalanggaman island. You can travel by boat ride from side of the Philippine island  from the coast of the island of the Philippines The Kalanggaman island more than 30 minutes to island  this take safely, but one thing I must say is that there are no shops serving the island.

If you want to eat what to eat. The bathroom could become a problem because there is  without in the  Kalanggaman island.

5. Fresh feeling 

course come and walk on the Kalanggaman island without people,  will help you to fill in for. Freshness to the body. From fatigue and from working and if anyone came as a couple. Guarantee, this place is fulfilled no romantic to your marriage impressive and made you want to come back to the Kalanggaman island again certainly.

Just 5 this is sufficient to confirm that if you have the opportunity to travel to the Philippines .  One of the attractions that you will do it in Booking behind that is on the Kalanggaman island and  you need in this place up absolutely. 

If you want know Kalanggaman island  is  however beautiful.  You have to find opportunities. Find free time to visit the Philippines only. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed of course.