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The nice paradise beach at Bali Indonesia

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The nice paradise beach at Bali Indonesia The nice paradise beach at Bali Indonesia
The Bali Island of Indonesia is an island which is the most famous Island about the fresh nature one place of the world. That make attractive to many of traveler which include me too. 

Today I will bring you to the Bali which I have been there already. I would guarantee that you will pack you staff suddenly after read my article to prove that it’s truth or not.

The sea and the beach

The Beach of Bali Island is very beautiful, clearly sea and very clean beach. You will touch and feel it which it’s just the fresh natural. Before I went there that I was under the stress with my work and some personal issue.  But once I have stand at the front beach to against the wind and hear the sea wave which are swashing to the sand beach and have some deep breath that make all the stress disappear suddenly.

From the Thai Temple to the Neighborhoods temple

The next on the Bali Island of Indonesia is the Religion place. You might be seen the large church in Europe but I have to guarantee that PuraBesakhi or the Royal temple of local people that so huge which have about 20 small temples inside as the elements of whole place. For the beautifulness that about to different from Thai’s temple but overall are peacefully, faithfully and calm.

Bali Island

The interested traditional events

More over the nice natural of Bali Island that still have other interested cultures as well. There is the holly fountain which many people come to take a bath which it’s at Puratiataumpil Temple and I too. As I already planned to take a bath to drive out the bad thing from my life.  Even though there are many people but I’m still waiting until reach to my queue.

The local traditional performance Nacu

At Bali’s night time that I have would suggest that don’t miss the local traditional performance. There are many of performance but the great one is the Barong Dance. It’s about the fight between Goodness and Badness via nominee which is the half human and lion (goodness) and Rungda Devil (badness). At begin of this performance that I could not understand about afterward I could understand well as they communicate with audience by action. 

The caution before traveling

The method to travel to Bali Island of Indonesia that will be happy all you trip that you have to beware for following, money exchange that must be done at the Bank only if not they could cheating to you, the transportation ticket all boat or bus that have to make sure that is correct and the last thing is about the cloth which must be close on your body which it’s not short trouser or skirt, and do not open you shoulder. 

To traveling to Bali Island of Indonesia that I could guarantee that everyone will meet with the nice natural which good conservation. Also they have the longtime of nice traditional which I can say that there are so many and various. And also you must always beware everything for you and include your cloths which to make sure it will close every body parts.

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