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To Vientiane to measure Sisaket temple

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To Vientiane to measure Sisaket temple To Vientiane to measure Sisaket temple
Now, the author will take the reader to know with the temple located in the city of Vientiane. which a measuring Laotian value greatly, and measures mentioned are Sisaket temple.

For the second day in Laos . A city full of beauty and tranquility. Towards a natural fertility. Vientiane is located along the Mekong River, North-East, as opposed to Sri Chiang Ma district. Nong Khai province. Our tour each time it is both an adventure to explore nature and the way the eating tour in each place. Sisaket temple is one of the oldest temple in the city of Vientiane, we choose to measure Sisaket temple. Travel by car, as always.

wat sri sa ket

In creating the first ever Temple, this temple is named.  Temple Street Millennium can ram but for Sisaket temple.  From the direction of the temple, facing the Palace of Princess head direction anuwong.  For the Anuwong God fashioned Sisaket temple at any time.

The atmosphere inside is filled with tranquility. Sisket temple is Luang temple or Royal Monastery Temple if compared with domestic Thai. There are paintings by the pattern of the Church wall and ways. Walls with paint to daub with old and valuable The measure has been well maintained and conservation. The Buddha image of Laos When the temple door into the right area, there is a stone inscription was created from sandstone. With the narration to create history in this temple. Silver image of Buddha and baked clay image of Buddha. A section in the back of the temple with its unique wooden Rails. A serpent used as a Rails for bathing "in the new year, or Songkran Festival in Laos.               

wat sri sa ket

Good point another thing of the Sisaket temple.   Is created in the wall. The art is in vogue, it is popular to create. Which are both in the temple wall and the wall of the temple.  Which foreign travelers as souvenirs, pictures . Sanctity, and to believe in the faith of this temple.  This temple is a temple that was not burned when there was war.  Currently, there are also making this beauty and perfection.  Later versions of people, we have seen through the beauty created by artisans in those days.  Moreover, the temple is the center of the mind, the people in the nation as well. Laos is a country with many Buddhist.

wat sri sa ket

Buddha inside the temple with a lot of. The comparison of virtual medicine Alumni nasit Nui a devotee of Buddha.  According to the Buddha with succession. When the Buddha went to the place, there must be a follow-up to the theme parks.To listen to the sermon of the Buddha's teachings. Therefore, Buddhist, so he cast images of Buddha to Sisaket temple. The tour is well juicy to eat out in the city of Vientiane.

After the author's experience told in the Sisaket temple. To read hope the author can find a chance to go to the temple there. Author of the certificate that you will be very impressed indeed.