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Toba Lake the largest lake of the Volcano

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Toba Lake the largest lake of the world on the Volcano Toba Lake the largest lake of the world on the Volcano
The Toba Lake is in the Sumatra Island. It’s at the top of the Volcano and this volcano which it’s occurred from the high pressure volcano eruption. 

This is the largest Volcano peak of the world which it’s make the Toba Lake which have the indigo color. There are many of travelers like come to swim at here too. It’s very amazing and could not believe that this place was born from the super volcano.

I’m falling in love to the Toba Lake that because it’s the very clean and fresh natural and it’s among of the big green forest of multi species of plants. As this environment that make us feeling to the easy life of the up-country place. The beautifulness of green Lake, it’s transformed from the great Volcano before. The Toba Lake is about the south of Medan Town which has the large Island named Samosir is about the middle of this Lake too. Also have the Parapat which is the travel place at the coast. And the history of Toba Lake that is attractive to me too.

Toba Lake the largest lake of the world on the Volcano

The Toba Lake was born after the largest eruption of the super volcano since 74,000 years ago. This phenomena was called the Perfect Horror because it be excessive and horror at the same time. This largest eruption is the top of destroyer level that because the eruption of Taba Volcano is at the 8th level, and because it has eruption at the equinoctial line then all the gas are distribute to the north and south parts of the world too fast. This is the largest air pollution, and some parts of lava were spread too far to about the India too. This eruption is spending about 6 years before it’s done. That is very long time for eruption which it’s make many thing happened while it’s eruption. There are some small groups of islands around after it has done too. The people around the Toba Lake that mostly are Batak. And their house is about the same shape of boat and there are the concave downward at the middle.

From that largest eruption which makes the temperature of the world at that time is too low and very cool. That is the cause of extinction of many animal and plant. This eruption that make the world get into the ice edge and it’s believed that is largest eruption which ever have in the world.

Toba Lake the largest lake of the world on the Volcano

After that large eruption that make the large basin at the top of  Volcano and as because it’s too long time before it’s done that make the basin is very wide and very deep as like the big bowl to keep the rain which too mush until it was changed to be  largest lake named Toba Lake. It has the area about 1,645 square kilometers which it’s long about 100 kilometers and wide about 30 kilometers with the average deep about 450 meters. At the middle of Lake also have Samosir Island and have the small lake on the Samosir Island also.