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Travelling Singapore at Underwater World

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Underwater World Singapore Underwater World Singapore
One of the favorite travelling places at Singapore is the Underwater World. Most of the parents also take their kids to Underwater World because it is kind of the real training room for them. 

If you come here you will impress with the under the sea world especially when you can lie down and watch the shark moving in the water. It the same feeling when you lie down and look the starts in the sky. This Underwater World is located in the Sendosa Island. This place you can lie down and see a lot of fishes swim inside the big tunnel.

Enjoy the several type of fishes at Singapore

When you come to the Underwater World, the first point when you enter from the entrance there will be a fish pond called touch pool for kids. The kids can touch a different type of fished like starfish, stingray, shark and globefish. Those types of fishes are not danger so the kids can touch them. There is also small aquarium that set up with the nice corals together with the colorful fishes like unicorn fish, clown fish and anemone. You will also see the Moray eel hiding in the sand under the aquarium, small horse fishes, sea dragon fished, sea angel or sea slug and lots of fishes. These fishes will make you feel exiting and enjoy.

Lie down in the aquarium and enjoy the shark swimming at Singapore

After you walk and see a lot of colorful fishes from the front you will then walk through the highlight of the Underwater World that is lie down in the aquarium. You will be given with the sleeping bag then you can find the place that you can lie down. The tunnel is about 83 meters long and you can have 180 degree view around you. You will be able to see a lot of fishes swimming above you. There are fishes that will make you exited like SandTiger sharks, leopard sharks, stingrays, nurse sharks, Parrotfish and giant grouper. I believed that most of the people have ever had an experience on lie down and see the stars. Here is the new experience Underwater World that you can lie down and see the fishes inside the aquarium. The wreck inside the water makes this Underwater World more appealing. You can enjoy either the large fishes or colorful fishes at this Underwater World.

Unforgettable experience at Singapore

Apart from the aquarium that you can have the new experience on lie down and get close to see the Underwater World, there will be other activities for the tourist to join and fun from the activities at the Underwater World. You will get close with the special types of stingray by feeding them the food. You can also touch them.

This Underwater World at Singapore is the first place that uses RFID system. This make you get the new experience in Underwater World with different from the others. Come and explore by yourself at Underwater World Singapore.