Thursday, 02 April 2015 21:43

Tutong village

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Apart from the large and embellishment of the architecture of Brunei, there is another place which beautiful and you also need to visit. 

That is the beach, it a nice beach even this beach is not famous like the other beach in the world but I think the natural of this beach can attract many tourists to like and want to come here.

Most of the people may only think of the Brunei and the embellishment of the architecture, but if you look at the natural here also very nice. Brunei is the country that close to the South China Sea so I can guaranty that all beaches are beautiful and have their style of natural. Muarabeach is only 27 kilometers far from Banda Seri Bagawan. This is a very beautiful beach and there are a lot of facilities there e.g. accommodations (hotels, resorts) and restaurants. There are other beaches which beautiful like Meragang beach, Serasa beach and Pantai Seri Kenangan beach.

One thing that I never know before is Brunei people like to travel by boat. This may because their country surrounded with water. So my trip in Brunei this time was travelling by boat most of the time, I thought my skin will be changed to black when I got back to Thailand because I took boat along my trip. However this was a good chance for me to visit the beautiful country, even some time I feel tried on sitting boat but if compare to the nice view and nice places I visit, I thought they were very wroth for me to go. The dinner food that very famous here also call Stream boat, this is why this country have their living style. Stream boat is the same as SukiYaki or Thai style hot pot but look better than that. The hot pot in the middle and you can boil food there, the taste is very good.

If you will come to Brunei and visit the nice beaches that you still able to visit the Tutong village. This Tutong village is near the sea and has a white sand beach like a diamond. When you come to this Tutong village you will feel like you are a VIP person because they will stand in line and welcome you. The television channel of Brunei also come to take a new of your visiting and will be presented to all TV channels of Brunei. You will see the beautiful of the natural and the beach also a friendly of the local villagers here. The local dancing show is prepared for the visitors to see and enjoy. We also can join and be invited with the shows and dancing. I was very fun with that.

I enjoy the nice beach of Brunei, but one thing that I and other people know is Brunei is the king of the oil. Even you visit the nice white sand beach you still see the rigs and platforms on the sea. So if I come here without visiting this oil field this mean I did not come to Brunei. So I had visited the oil field at Seria, Kuala Belait city. These are the big city and very luxury cities because under the city are the lots of oil underneath. The rigs everywhere, even the small canal also has the oil. So we can call this the country of oil.