Friday, 01 May 2015 12:43

Visit My Son Sanctuary

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Visit My Son Sanctuary:  A conspicuous structure Visit My Son Sanctuary: A conspicuous structure
When I visit Vietnam first time, I have no idea about tourist spots. My first impression towards this country is that there is no interesting landmark to visit. 

But I definitely go wrong. Actually, Vietnam offers many outstanding landmarks to explore. Not only ancient architecture sites but also the natural beauty landscapes.  Moreover, my friends list all of the landmarks for visitors. There are plenty of tourist spots to visit. You can have many choices of them as your preference.  However, I am interested in old temples and castles. So, I make a decision to visit My Son for my days off.

Visit My Son Sanctuary:  A conspicuous structure

My Son is influenced by Hinduism. The local people built the temple complexly. The first construction of My Son was under the reign of Bhadravarman to pay respect to God Shiva Bhadresvara. My Son is graphically illustrated by the remains impressive tower-temples. The dramatic site is surrounded by the tropical rain forest. Moreover, there are several statues inside of this ancient temple. The monarchs definitely represent Champa Kingdom culture   between the 4th and 13th centuries. It was the most important temple in that time. Moreover, a unique architectures well illustrated the spiritual origins of Indian Hinduism in Indochina, particularly in Vietnam. At one time, the site encompassed over 70 buildings temple. However, the Hindu temples and monarchs were dramatically damaged during the Vietnam War. Only 22 temples has remained over decades. In addition, My Son designated as World Heritage site. 

Visit My Son Sanctuary:  A conspicuous structure

My Son Temple is situated from accommodation around 30 Kilometers.  My Son temple or My Son Sanctuary is officially opened public for tourists since 1995.  My Son temple has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site since 1999 as same as Hoi Han City. Originally, My Son Sanctuary is constructed by Cham Kingdom, which had 54 tribes. Each tribe is Hinduism. Most of them evacuated from India. They settled in Vietnam and constructed the elegant sanctuary.  Moreover, they built a hundred of temples around the forest area. The temples in My Son was constructed into groups basically in the same model since 4th century. However, the sited was destroyed by US bombing in 1969 due to the Vietnam War. The US army aimed to genocide Vietnamese army and local people. at that time. Unfortunately, not only the main architecture and sculpture were hugely ruined but also Vietnamese people were killed at that time.

When I arrived, I was amazed by the spectacular views and the stunning landscape of My Son Sanctuary. The ancient site looks like Angkor Wat, but My Son is smaller. I walked around and was impressed by the construction techniques, decorative carvings and inscriptions. I have no doubt that My Son Sanctuary is a part of World heritage site.  I also visited many temples in My Son as much as I can. The visitors also have a good chance to explore the culture of Cham Kingdom, especially the architectural and artistic styles.  It is truly gateway to Vietnam ’past. I had a wonderful time for this visiting.