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Visit Myanmar to worship Tan Jai God

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Because of the reputation of the Tan Jai gods. The tourists, many countries. Foreign travel to gamble to worship and pray to the  Tan Jai god  at Myanmar is continuously.

In which day will be on worship. The person who did work as intended to solve again. The reputation of the instant Tan Jai god out reputation far and wide. It is for this reason that I must travel to obtain blessings. If we are lucky chance like someone else. When the opportunity I will not delay. Luggage delivery accompanied you two to worship Tan Jai gods who immediately.

When arriving in Myanmar, I and mom came to the Bo Ta Tao pagoda  or Bo  Ta Town.One of the attractions which hold the hits of Myanmar. Because is the shrine of Tan Jai Gods  the  Siamese, the Burmese and tourists who have faith. Travel to wish prosperity The past has restored pagoda repairs resulting from damage in World War II, which caused many valuables were inside the pagoda has provided the base structure. The pagoda has slots zigzag like a maze. And inside painted golden beautiful. There are arantiques tifacts and exhibits. And also the hair of the Tan Jai God packed in transparent glass in the middle of the pagoda with movable throne cover.

But what I see is that Thai tourists and foreigners who come together to worship Tan Jai god which are quick hall waterfront side of the Bo Ta Now pagoda.Burmese  believe that if they create a Jedi must gods take care of protection of a pagoda. This Tan Jai god was regarded as a divine being utilised to protect the  Bo Ta Now pagoda  and is popular with tourists as well. Because there is already a requester wishes quickly enough. My mother and  I did not wait, so hurry get blessing from God utilised because people start to come together, over time, gradually.

According to the tradition will have to pay about 120 baht. To buy to pay homage to deity who Which worship Tan Jai  god. Which way of worship Tan Jai  god statue, quick to ask, wishes.  A staff to service of worship in front of the temple, which are coconut, banana, leaves, scarf, paper umbrella and flower. Which of these is a popular pilgrimage was utilised as well. Then remove the 2 number of banknotes is the line in the hands of God, I will state that she remove the forehead to tap with a finger of  Tan Jai god utilised with prayer is, and then pull the paper out led. To order 1 ,Then the ceremony people, a light fabric that won was utilised, it is completed by this time, it was up to me.

That some people say if pray whatever it wishes, I asked for. Is a personal belief, if do feel comfortable doing. To do trouble yourself, don't do it. If you believe in Tan Jai  god, you have to go to respect once.

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