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Suan Hin Pha Ngam, Kun Ming Thailand

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Most of the people already know Kun Ming of China, the rock mountain that make many people impressed. 

If you do not need to go to Chian you also able to go to Loei province. There will be a nice place which beautiful same as Kun Ming called SuanHinPhaNgam at Loei. This is one of the miracle from natural that make this mountain look beautiful. SuanHinPhaNgam is located at Ban PhaNgamTambonPounpuLoei Province. Along the route of the NongHinsubdistrict you will see the rock mountain at both side of the road.

Enjoy your vacation at SuanHinPhaNgam

SuanHinPhaNgam is the rock mountain which created by natural. The mountains some are big and some are small located along the way. However if you come to visit SuanHinPhaNgam you have to start at the Information Centre first. Because the instructor at SuanHinPhaNgam can take you around the area of SaunHinPhaNgam. You will be given the information from the instructor along the way of the visiting. It will take around 1 hour and you only need to pay 100 THB to the instructor if the tourists are less than 10 persons. If you do not need to walk there will be a local car called “E-Tak” it will bring you to visit the theSuanHinPhaNgam. You only need to pay 10 THB per person for each trip. 

The Natural at SuanHinPhaNgam

SuanHinPhaNgam is the rock mountain that standing along the way and surrounded with the green field. The walk way on this SuanHinPhaNgam is complicated and some are mysterioussame as labyrinth. Travelling at SuanHinPhaNgam will make you feel like adventuring in the labyrinth. Some part of the route you have to climb up to the above rock or you have to go under the cavities. During the trip you can see the view of the mountain that you can take a photos. Once you to the top you can now see the view around you before walking down with stairs behind the mountain to the starting point. You will we the shop that opposite to the cave which is one of the natural route that you can go if you’d like.

Different styles of rock at the SuanHinPhaNgam

There are many places for you to visit when you come to SuanHinPhaNgam e.g. UmongLanPlean Jet See, HinYaiHin Ta, the cool fern area. PhaTo Tea, HinDinosour, Sum Narok, Sum Karawa, Hin Mongkut, SuanHinKhaoVongkot, ThamOrathai, KamPheng, The China Wall, Natural frame, Khong door, Ruruntoo (Rutan). Those of the places were named by the natural appearance. You will also able to see the trees that rarely found in present. The big tree that is more than hundred years. 

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