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Visit the beauty at Hor Phakeo Museum

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Visit the beauty at Hor Phakeo Museum Visit the beauty at Hor Phakeo Museum
After the author tells the story of an experience of the Srisaket temple at  Vientiane and this article is still about the attractions in the city of Vientiane, such as original.

But it is a tourist attraction that once was measured before and became the current Museum. Hor Phakeo Museum another tour after visiting the beauty of the Srisaket temple. You can come across the opposite side of the road to admire the beauty of the Hor Phakeo Museum.Of tree cover are throughout the Hor Phakeo Museum. Is Important and relevant to the history of the early Rattanakosin period.  Because in the past, countries with Laos Thai foe as a couple, because our country tussle battle. Because of the historical importance, so we choose to the Hor Phakeo Museum. To visit the photo and souvenirs.

Visit the beauty at Hor Phakeo Museum

Hor Phakeo Museum created when the year Buddhist early 2108.  By applying for the Emerald Buddha is enshrined and originally, it was a measure of the capital value of Laos.  His Majesty the King Setthathirath is the most important of the please kind enough to create.

Currently the Hor Phakeo Museum not as a temple. But it was made into a Museum. To collect a Buddha image and history of Laos, and antiques.  Include display of the platform throne gilding the Khmer language tripiaka inscriptions.  The bronze drums Royals, Laos.  When the two large doors to the gate to see spectacular greatness. Which is the oldest door.  The main door is the Lord Buddha, which is beautiful and very honorable.  Show us the importance to focus on Buddhism of Buddhist.

Visit the beauty at Hor Phakeo Museum

Emerald Buddha is not in the Hor Phakeo Museum. But in Laos Thai locals and tourists still come to worship worship with witches the Hor Phakeo Museum. Photography is not allowed inside any.  It is a cherished and important places of Laos.  There are also exhibits of antiques of Laos.  By the Hor Phakeo Museum will allow visitors to take pictures just outside only. 

The belief that we make and Laos observe is the surrounding area contains a image of Buddha.  The head that was cut off when the time in the war. But one element, the statue was destroyed or is cut the head to war time are facing the Church.  Make Laos was the belief that if you kiss, as parts of a image of Buddha in this element. It will not hurt the pain disappeared, according to the body, such as headache, pain in the legs, head and legs, Kiss photos.

Visit the beauty at Hor Phakeo Museum

The Hor Phakeo Museum in the city of Vientiane. We will not cease to amaze you and believe that tourists or people in Laos will impress, and there is pride in the beauty and greatness. The Hor Phakeo Museum is a large temple of beauty both inside and outside.  Without additional decoration by painting or decorative glass. But as the Cathedral construction with plastered Red-Brown.

If you would like to read more to know that the Hor Phakeo Museum of much beauty. You need to find an opportunity to visit yourself. The author guarantees that you will be impressed of course.

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