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Visit the odd style house at Toraja Land

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Visit the odd style house which keeps the body inside at Toraja Land Visit the odd style house which keeps the body inside at Toraja Land
Indonesia is the one member of the group of neighborhood of Thailand. There are many places for travel and Thai people also are in favor of to visit Indonesia. 

The most beautiful of their Natural and the unique Culture that make many of tourists are always coming to this country. Indonesia is the one of traveling target place of traveler from around the world. That is included the traveler from Thailand as well. Indonesia is the country of the largest group of Islands too. Indonesia also has many other travel places which are in the world tops record too such as Burobudtho.

The vey miracle for travel place which I have been came to prove with my eyes that is Toraja Land. The Toraja Land is well known from the Coffee bean and their local festival. Moreover they are famous with the unique traditional ceremony for the body of them too.  The Toraja Land is on the high level area of the south of SulaweysiIsland, which their village is on the mountain too. This makes them to isolate from the other people and other culture as well.

Visit the odd style house which keeps the body inside at Toraja Land

The Toraja Land is one of the secret places which it been covered by forest and mountain at about the south of Sulaweysi Island. The Toraja Land people are the agriculture for their living, some such as rice farmer on the mountain; livestock and find the wild plant for eat. They have some economic plants are such as corn, bean, coffee bean and other vegetable. As these lifestyle then it’s the conservation of their living which it’s attractive to many traveler from around the world to come here to touch and learn the life method of them at Toraja Land.

Most of traveler and me that will have planned to go to the Tongkonun in their travel list at Toraja Land too. At here has the strange house which is very outstanding from other houses. This house have very large roof which it’s about similar to the boat shape. At the front of this house has the buffalo skull, there are 2 sharp corners and concave downward in the middle of its roof. Even though this house have the wonderful architecture but there is another thing very thriller and so scary to me that is this house is use to keep the body while they are doing the ceremony for that body. After they have finished the ceremony then the body will be keep into the hollow of a tree.

Other those at Toraja Land have the handcraft which they do the wooden doll was called Tao Tao. It’s the represent of the death people. And the last thing for you information that is at Toraja Land their people have setup that tomb from the cliff.They have made a hole on the cliff and keep their body inside. Also they are dressing for the body too; this very strange for me who I have never seen anywhere have the traditional like this before.