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Phao Taung Au Temple

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Because of  worship to  Baukem  god  As one of the sacred  places and the most important measure of  Rat Chan, which is enshrined in Baukem god sacred  and  it  is the center of the mind by the Burmese King both sacred 

Five buddha t  that are visible, but the shape is gold due to the quantity of gold that is thick from the adhere  of Myanmar people's faith in, flood, thon, and it is for this reason that I decided to visit the tribe of  Taungoo again.

Inside the Phao Taunngoo temple. The temple of sacred wood of 5 organization called "Buakem God." That is the belief that  Buakem God is composed was born in harmony for hundreds of years. The God is all wood and gilded elements on a pedestal 5 god until it becomes bigger than the original god  very seriously. Because of the arrival of locals and tourists whose faith, including me with that I'd like to come and pay respects to the Buakem  God. With the legendary sanctity, where villagers believed that if applied pure gold or virginity gold fitted  Buakem God. It would cause a rich and beat the enemies.

Phao Taungoo temple major annual Festival, known as the Festival is considered a national priority. If anyone had come during the Buddhist lent day, be invited Buakem god of 4. down the Karawek boat, then the parade ceremony according to the villages around the Lake.  It takes about  20 days,  to tourists who come to visit the ceremony parade in this range can be very different and still have a chance to visit the temple to pay homage to Phao Taungoo temple as well as worship. Buakem god that  looks strange with national level.

With the faith of the tourists, Phao Taungoo temple the people came to worship Buakem god  regularly  continued  and my  trip to Burma at this time,  considered a good luck that has merit and the sacred liturgy is of the essence with Burmese, because why do tourists from all around the worlds, as well as foreign nationals arriving in Burma continue to worship each other continuously.

Because that is what is in the shape of a quaint and surprise, since Buakem god  looks   ball pellet shape only, but there is a striking and strong faith. That makes people respect and want to worship much more. Although not originally seen  Buakem god  that contains a quantity of gold massively adhere, but it does not make people have less faith  reduced. Opposite back with people respect  Buakem god  without appointment.  I personally still prefer traveling proves with the eyes of faith brothers of the Burmese and tourists.

And this makes me feel that all people travelling to a place here with respect and more importantly those who came to pay respects to the Buakem god can set the mind and the sacred blessings athitan is reasonable hope.         

Then you will be impressed that he went to pay homage to Buakem god  at Phao Taungoo temple.

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